Peru: Scientists predict no appearance for El Nino en 2014

Posted on November 10, 2013 • Filed under: Enviromental Issues, Peru, TRAVEL, Weather/Climate reported that experts of the Marine Institute of Peru (Imarpe) announced that next year El Niño phenomenon (FEN) will not certainly occur in the country, a situation that will be beneficial for productive activities, and mainly fishing.

The scientists said they have a 90 per cent certainty that this current will not appear in Peru, after analyzing the data related to sea temperature, the atmosphere and others having relevant character.

According to German Vasquez Solis, president of the Board of Imarpe – the entity belonging to the committee of the National Study of El Niño phenomenon (Enfen) –, the updated forecasts on this event make it possible to assert with high certainty that nothing will happen until the end of next summer, reported the agency Andina.

“We are returning from a cold condition, which characterizes La Niña event, to a neutral condition,” he explained.

“Forecasts of all international agencies and the national one –which is the Enfen — indicate that we would have nothing in the foreseeable future until the end of summer, with a very high certainty,” the Vásquez Solis added. Read Article

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