Cuenca Ecuador: Nearly 500 year old street reopens after being closed for 50 years

Posted on February 8, 2017 • Filed under: Archaeology, Culture, Ecuador, Ecuador Travel

SPEAK LIKE AN ECUADORIAN – READ THE BOOK – SPANISH SLANG ECUADOR reported tancient street cuencahe small artery is located in the historical center. There are still pending work to be done by the Municipality of the city. Regional Writing South The reopening of Santa Ana Street in Cuenca was not attended by the municipal authorities. The Minister of Culture, Raul Vallejo, even asked the Municipality to destroy a house built in the middle of this small roadway. This structure not only obstructs free mobility but also damages the aesthetics of the place. The street has 460 years of existence, because when the city was founded on April 12, 1557, the road was a reference in the distribution of the lots. Ramírez Dávalos, founder, was awarded 2 blocks: “… one to the part, in the public square of the said city that is crossed by a street by means of which it is said the street of Santa Ana and is divided the said block, the Two lots of it to one part and two to the other … “, is recorded in the founding act of the city of Cuenca. All chroniclers and historians who have referred to the times before the foundation and those who came later, speak of Santa Ana Street as a reality prior to April 12, 1557. Hence its historical value, said historian Juan Chacón . The artery is located in the historical center of Cuenca, between the Cathedral of the Immaculate and the old seminary San Luis. For more than a year, work has been carried out, which is not yet complete. The governor of Azuay, Maria Augusta Muñoz, said that after 50 years “opens for the enjoyment of all.” “The government complies with its word and we are delivering the work within the established deadlines,” he said. He added that the Municipality, in addition to the lighting works, has not complied with the works of dewatering. “All this is the responsibility of the current municipal administration,” he insisted. The Mayor of Cuenca, through its Department of Historic and Patrimonial Areas, said that it updated the electrical studies of Santa Ana Street, in order to comply with the technical specifications and conditions required by the Central-South Regional Electric Company, “more A complementary project for the monumental illumination of it; Additionally, carried out the study for the cleaning of walls of the lateral facade of the Cathedral of the Immaculate. The exalcalde of Cuenca, Xavier Muñoz Chávez, stated that a work must be delivered completely and not half. “The road that goes from one place to another has to be inaugurated the moment you join the two points,” he said. He added that this street is very important for the Cuencanos because it has much history inside. Mayor Marcelo Cabrera said that works such as excavations, eviction fillings, rainwater check boxes, drains were carried out. Floor covering, as is the placement of red travertine marble, andesite slabs, wooden platform, stone ball plus mortar, also made coves and archaeological surveys. Cleaning of the brick wall seen from the new Cathedral and cleaning of marble skirting boards of the north wall of the new Cathedral. Cabrera added that there is illumination of the cloths of the north side facade of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (New Cathedral), lighting of the cloths of the old San Luis seminary and lighting of the arches of the portal of the old San Luis seminary. Read Full Story


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