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Fifty percent of human trafficking gangs in Mexico operate out of Tlaxcala

At least 24 gangs trafficking in people, including 47 that operate in the country are headed by tlaxcaltecas because the state is where most families are conceived or criminal groups.

Rosa Maria Salazar, director of the National Network of Shelters in the country, reported that it has the data on how many bands are operated by Tlaxcala, but “I can say that over 50 percent of those bands are from here, but not operate all of a sudden come here to operate in Oaxaca, Hidalgo, Distrito Federal, for example, are bands that are there.” Read Article

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Martinique, Accused pedophile priest dies in Martinique

A defrocked American priest who left the United States 17 years ago after he was accused of molesting two dozen children in New Mexico and three other states has died here. Joelle Louisor, a hospital administrator at the Pierre Zobda Quitman hospital, on Friday confirmed Laurence Brett’s death. He was 73. Read Article

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