Briceño, Manabi, Ecuador: Home Invasion of Expats residence (Video)

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In an exclusive interview with one of the victims of this home invasion in Ecuador, a detailed account is revealed of this harrowing ordeal for three expats from the U.S. and Canada.

This event took place just prior to midnight on March 15, 2018 in the balmy seaside community of Briceño, Manabi, Ecuador. This area has become popular with both American and Canadian expats looking for a tranquil paradise over the last fifteen years or so. However, some expats have found while the area near Bahía de Caráquez appears to be peaceful, threats of violent crime do exist and that there is a darkside for some living in paradise.

Near midnight on the night of the offense, there were three residents at a home owned by an American. Also, present was the American’s Canadian girlfriend ad her brother. They were awakened by knocks at the front door and the appearance of a white vehicle with flashing lights. Two men were at the front who seemed to be dressed as policeman. While on the beachside of the residence, the American expat told his girlfriend and her brother still inside the residence to come out, that they all needed to cooperate with the police.

The assailants claimed they were looking for someone who had stolen gasoline and asked for permission to take a closer look at the premises to see if the suspect was present. The owner of the property allowed such inspection. The now what are believed to be “fake police” ordered two of the victims to sit on a couch. The female victim remained inside along with her pitbull. However, she was ecourgaged to also come out at which time the three were ordered to get down on the ground. At this time the Canadian expat resisted the order and got into a tussle with an assailant who also possessed a handgun. Watching the video you can see part of the fight and then it moves off screen. at which time you hear the weapon discharge. A third assailant enters the beachside patio just prior to the malay and during the fight pulls a piece of wood from the firepit. He struck the Canadian in the head which caused a laceration. The victims were unable to release the pitbull. However, finally the Canadian fought off the one assailant and the three ran from the property.

Some good friends (Ecuadorians) were called immediately and a group of people soon arrived to assist. With the thugs gone, police were summoned and arrived. The injured expat was stictched up and expected to fully recover.

On March 21, 2018, the police chief held a meeting with locals at a local restaurant where he explained they take this assault/home invasion seriously and is investigating.  He also made a comment to an unidentified invidiual that he did not feel that this was a random act and that there must be something else behind the evil behavior of invading a residence and assautlting the residents.

It does not appear that robbery was a motive in this assault. One victim stated that a former developer of the property in the past has claimed that the current owner of the property owes him money because he purchased the residence at a discount and a previuos owner owed him money. The victim stated the home was purchased free from any incumberances and is owned free and clear. Furthermore, it does not appear the so called developer has any type of claim to the property.

Anyone with information as to the identity of  assailants should contact local police or authorities in Briceño.


Other Notes
According to one of the victims, the residence has a night watchman who was also present and taken in by the ruse of the assailants being police.

One of the assailants left a vest, shoe, and loaded gun at the scene. This evidence can be seen in the video and was turned over to police.

The Canadian victim involved in the fight with the assailant does not believe he had intention of shooting him, that the gun going off was an accident.

The victim’s names in this event have not been used in this story.

This particular home was previously owned by an expat family from Chicago. Unfortunately, they were also victims of a home invasion, robbery, and assault. They believed at the time it may have been an inside job from one of the contractors working on the residence. They returned to the United States. If you would like to read their story, you can follow the link below.

Ecuador: Family from Chicago living near Bahia de Caraquez, victims of home invasion – assault



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