Ecuador Corruption Network Exposed for Candidates to Gain Entrance to Police Academy

Posted on November 7, 2017 • Filed under: Corruption, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency, Police/Military Activity

PROSECUTOR CHARGES NETWORK FOR CHARGING UP TO $13,000 TO GAIN ENTRANCE INTO THE NATIONAL POLICE ACADEMY (MACHINE TRANSLATED) The aspiring officers had to pay up to $ 13,000 to this network, according to the Prosecutor’s Office to gain entrance into the national police academy.

11 people, including doctors and other professionals of the National Police and outside, were charged with alleged conspiracy to commit the alleged crime of concussion.

According to the investigations of the Office of the Prosecutor, they asked for large sums of money to help in the entrance to the institution to the applicants of the 2016-2017 promotion.

This network of corruption was exposed through the complaint made by ‘Esperanza’, mother of a young aspiring policeman who was demanded money if he wanted to enter the institution. The young man went to the Police Hospital to find out the requirements and there he dealt with the social worker, Zoila Paredes Chicaiza, who was in charge of making contact with people interested in entering the police ranks.

The official offered to help the young man and gave him a cell phone number to keep in touch. He told him that he should have his doctors checked and even gave him names and addresses to see a cardiologist and an otolaryngologist, but then they were the ones who examined him in the Police Hospital.

After these two appointments, he asked for $ 1,500, indicating that the delivery site would be in La Magdalena, in the south of Quito. After the physical tests he asked for $ 1,000 more and in January 2017 he introduced him to José Chamba Guamán, who would help him pass the polygraph tests. Sure, that would cost $ 3,000 more.

The rest of the process

The subject would have indicated what he should do and what not to do before the test and he would have even told him the questions they would ask him. Finally, the young applicant would have been told that if he wanted to enter the Officer School, that cost him $ 7,000 more and that if he did not have to pay, he would have even suggested that he sell his car, because, if not, he would stay there. everything and will not approve.

$ 3,000 would have been charged to help pass the polygraph exam. With the complaint already filed, on August 1 of this year, a preliminary investigation was initiated within which several diligences were carried out, as well as the extraction of audio, video and related information from the cell phone of the alleged victim, in which they were verified sent texts and answers with the cell phone of Zoila Paredes, whom the victim tells her in a text message: “but we have already paid 1,500 dollars more and the answer is that the commission has changed and we have to give more money”. (LC)


The precautionary measures

The defendants accepted the right to silence and for five of them, the preventive detention was ordered, among them, Zoila Paredes, who would be the promoter of this corruption network and the polygraphist José Chamba.

For the other six defendants, the prohibition to leave the country, the obligation to appear every five days before the authority and, in addition, the use of the electronic surveillance device (shackle) was dictated.


$ 7,000 would have been paid for entering officer school. READ FULL ARTICLE

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