Guatemala: Every dreamed of sleeping in Che Guevara’s bed? Here is your chance, nine dollars

Posted on December 13, 2015 • Filed under: Guatemala, Latin America Travel reported the room of Che Guevara is small. No more than five square meters. No windows or air conditioning. A cot, small for the size of myth appearance, occupies the central space. Above is a loose mattress, a blanket of blue and white stripes, and a cushion ravaged by time. At that point, the story sold nine dollars. It is the asking price Meza board, in Guatemala City , its greatest treasure: the room where the legend before be, spent his first revolutionary night.

Ernesto Guevara de la Serna landfall there in December 1953. He was 25 years and in Guatemala lived days of fire. The government of Colonel Jacobo Arbenz in advancing land reform and had already put on the ropes to US multinationals, including the powerful United Fruit . The capital, under constant saber-rattling, was swarming with hustlers, exiles and radicals. Attracted by the winds of change, Guevara arrived from El Salvador. Without looking too, stayed in the modest pension Meza. Tenth Street 10-17 portal zone 1. A central, bustling and cheap. “That started a key to the consolidation of its political consciousness and ideology Latin American stage,” the historian José Cal. Read Article

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