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Cuenca, Ecuador: Two Women Ripoff Spa (Video)



Thursday morning October 16th, 2017, two fairly well dressed women enter a spa. Watch how they greet the employee while one of the women distract the clerk and the other pulls a classic ripoff.  Source: La Voz del Tomebamba


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Samborondón, Ecuador: Burglaries of residences in private communities – machine translated Members of the National Police and a private security company inspected the address in Camino del Río where a theft was recorded last Monday. Courtesy The theft of a computer in a house and at least ten attempts to rob in other houses, generated the reaction of the inhabitants of the […]

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Four Mexican Drug Cartels Have Presence in Ecuador / (machine translated) The cartels of Mexico conquer the drug trafficking market worldwide. The shipment of substances such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines and chemical precursors to 51 countries of the five continents, through alliances with criminals, positions them as the pioneers in monopolizing the routes and conquering their empire in several countries, including Ecuador […]

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Ecuador Corruption Network Exposed for Candidates to Gain Entrance to Police Academy

PROSECUTOR CHARGES NETWORK FOR CHARGING UP TO $13,000 TO GAIN ENTRANCE INTO THE NATIONAL POLICE ACADEMY (MACHINE TRANSLATED) The aspiring officers had to pay up to $ 13,000 to this network, according to the Prosecutor’s Office to gain entrance into the national police academy. 11 people, including doctors and other professionals of the National […]

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Carchi, Ecuador: Some interesting modalities of crime

Adapt, overcome, improvise is the famous Mantra of the U.S. Marines. Well, many criminals and criminal organizations seem to have the same phrase in their playbook. Ecuadorian criminals as well as their imported brethren from Colombia and beyond always seem to be changing their game plan.  The following criminal modalities are from an article in […]

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Naranjal, Ecuador: One Ton of Cocaine Seized, hidden under banana plantations – Ecuador: Authorities seize 1 ton of cocaine hidden underground in banana plantations Ecuador’s National Police and the National Anti-narcotics Directorate, through the Counter-Narcotics Intelligence Unit with European Coordination (UIACE), conducted the 178 Fortaleza Police Operation on the night of November 1, in which they arrested three citizens and seized a ton of cocaine. […]

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Former Expat in Ecuador pleads guilty to Assault Charges in U.S., sentenced to prison

Defendant fled the U.S. and was residing in Cuenca, Ecuador at the time he was detained. North Carolina: – A Connelly Springs man who spent two years in Ecuador after firing a weapon into a Burke County home could spend up to 11 years in prison. Dean Allan Yancey, 63, pleaded guilty last week […]

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Disbarred Attorney from U.S. Convicted of plotting to fly cocaine from Ecuador

One of Casey Anthony’s former lawyers was convicted of cocaine trafficking in court on Friday. Drugs were destined for ultimate destination of the United States. / Todd Macaluso was found guilty of an international cocaine distribution conspiracy after plotting to fly a plane-full of the drugs from Ecuador to Honduras, according to the New […]

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Ecuador: Anti-Narcotic Unit Ambushed near Colombia border in San Lorenzo

ELUNIVERSO.COM REPORTED (MACHINE TRANSLATED) With pistol, rifle and even grenade attacks, teams of the Mobile Anti-narcotics Special Group ( GEMA ) were ambushed on Thursday afternoon on the Cadena-Puerto Rico highway, in the border area of San Lorenzo , minutes from Colombia. According to the police report, while carrying out a “sweep” of reconnaissance to […]

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Guayaquil International Airport to Suspend Some Flight Operations Nov. 25, and Dec. 2, 2017

Event/Alert – flight operations in Guayaquil, Ecuador / alert – Guayaquil’s José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport (GYE) will suspend operations between 08:00 (local time) and 17:00 on Saturday, November 25, and Saturday, December 2, in order to perform runway maintenance. Only helicopter operations will be permitted during these maintenance times. Flight disruptions may […]

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Ecuador: Woman Dies after Bee Attack

Pelileo – – from internet – machine translated Zoila Caizabanda (59 years old) suffered this Saturday from an attack of bee stings, in her house located in Chimbiato. His daughter, Carmen Caizabanda, witnessed the events. He said that his mother was taken to the hospital of the Garcia Moreno parish, Pelileo canton, Tungurahua province. […]

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Ecuador: Students and adults reported missing near Malqui Machay ruins, found safe / Wilson Pinto machine translated Ambato – The warning voice that eighteen people, fourteen students and four adults had gone missing, was given by a family mother after not knowing the whereabouts of her son when they went on an excursion to the ruins of Malqui Machay, between the limits of La Maná and […]

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Cuenca, Ecuador: Woman cuts man’s face after argument in historic center (video)

Anoche, tras riña mujer le cortó el rostro con estilete a su pareja en Centro Histórico. Hombre fue llevado a hospital y sospechosa detenida — Ivan Velesaca (@cronicacuenca) October 25, 2017 Anoche, tras riña mujer le cortó el rostro con estilete a su pareja en Centro Histórico. Hombre fue llevado a hospital y sospechosa […]

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Cotopaxi, Ecuador: 15 cases of sexual abuse reported reported In the province there have been 15 cases of sexual abuse of minors in the provincial prosecution, of which 10 are treated at the Nintinacazo type C Health Center in Cotopaxi. (latacunga) Jorge Rosero, Psychologist from the Latacunga Health District, said that since the beginning of the year to date there have been […]

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Salinas, Ecuador: Expat wakes up to thief trying to break into his residence

FROM POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA, NAME WITHHELD UNEDITED – Hello Salinas Friends, Just wanted to let you know so you can beware. Yesterday a thief climbed up my fence at 3am in San Lorenzo and he was searching for a way in on the backyard, luckily enough they stumbled upon some glass bottles and made […]

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Flu Reports Across Ecuador

ELCOMERCIO.COM – The Ministry of Public Health reports to date(middle of September) in 2017, there have been confirmed 206 reported cases of people with the AH3N2 flu virus. There have been seven reported deaths. Children under five years of age are the most impacted. And, Pichincha Province has had the most cases, with a total […]

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Ecuador: Report, conflict between Shuar tribe and govt. causing psychological damage

Signs of lasting trauma in people evicted to make way for giant mine in Ecuador / Kimberley Brown reported, battles with the government and army over land and mining rights has caused indigenous Shuar people long-term psychological damage, report says Months after they were evicted from their homes to make way for a mine, […]

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Gualaceo, Ecuador: Water quality problems due to mudslide, using reserve supplies / The heavy rains that occurred during this weekend, caused turbidity in the San Francisco River, which caused that about 30,000 inhabitants remained without vital liquid during several hours of yesterday. This situation was caused because the stone material that rested on the river bed will be displaced and will cause turbidity in Capzha […]

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Ecuador: Results of 15 Year Study regarding suicide in Ecuador

ECUADOR RANKS ABOVE REGIONAL AVERAGE FOR INDIVIDUALS COMMITTING SUICIDE Data about suicide is still scarce in Latin America, especially in smaller countries like Ecuador. In the last 20 years just very few reports have partially described this phenomenon in the country The disease burden of suicide in Ecuador, a 15 years’ geodemographic cross-sectional study (2001–2015) […]

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Ecuador: Group of tourists missing in Amazon for ten days, found alive  (MACHINE TRANSLATED) reported – A group of tourists lost their way in the sector of the Verdeyacu river , in the Tena canton of Napo province, located in the Amazon of Ecuador . According to ECU 911 , people would have lost about 10 days. On Wednesday, October 11, 2017, at 10:45 am, the […]

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Nine Rescued off of tourist bridge in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Nine people were rescued from the Santay Island Bridge reported -the Guayaquil Fire Department rescued nine people who were on the bridge between Guayaquil and Santay Island, minutes after a boat collapsed part of the structure. The pedestrians, two of them minors, could not leave the bridge. The rescue team helped them down through […]

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Guayaquil, Ecuador: Fishing Boat Crashes into Tourist Bridge, Collapses

A fishing boat hit this Thursday, October 12 against the wooden bridge of Santay Island, product of the mishap the platform of connection collapsed. According to ECU 911 no injured or deceased persons are reported. The bridge connected Guayaquil with the community of Santay Island. It has an extension of 860 meters in length by […]

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Guayaquil, Ecuador: What caused the Santay bridge to collapse?

Santay Island Bridge A fishing boat hit this Thursday, October 12 against the wooden bridge of Santay Island, product of the mishap the platform of connection collapsed. According to ECU 911 no injured or deceased persons are reported. The bridge connected Guayaquil with the community of Santay Island. It has an extension of 860 meters […]

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Ecuador: Bus Crash kills mother and daughter in truck on Riobamba-Ambato road(video)

SAFETY, HEALTH, SECURITY IN ECUADOR, THIS BOOK IS A MUST READ 1. Hoy, en la vía #Ambato #Riobamba, sector #Mocha, murió madre e hija que se movilizaban en esta camioneta. @mercurioec — Ivan Velesaca (@cronicacuenca) October 10, 2017

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Guayaquil, Ecuador: Robbers assault passenger vehicle front of Malecon (Video)

Undated video shows three assailants at will assaulting a passenger vehicle with weapons on the main road in front of the famous tourist attraction Malecon 2000 in Guayaquil, Ecuador. SAFETY, HEALTH, SECURITY IN ECUADOR – THIS BOOK IS A MUST READ BY ANYONE VISITING OR MOVING TO ECUADOR  

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Urdesa Guayaquil Ecuador: Businessman robbed, murdered in cold blood by motorcyclists reported (Machine Translated) Martha Gonzalez lives in central Urdesa 30 years ago and yesterday from the portal of her house saw agents of the Violent Death Unit perform the skills to solve the crime of a man who after trying to arrest two individuals who had just raided his business , was shot in […]

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Ecuador: January 17 through August, 116 People Dead In Bus Accidents (machine translated) – MÉNDEZ, Morona Santiago. The bus that covered the route Zamora-Quito was overturned at 01:25 yesterday after losing track at the height of Canton Méndez. Eleven people were injured. Cuenca – A child under 6 died and five people were injured yesterday after a pickup truck hit the back of a bus. […]

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Manta, Ecuador: Expat dies in motorcycle accident, hit and run / A man of German nationality lost his life in Manta in a traffic accident registered in the round of “El Paraíso”. The event occurred on Saturday at 10:30 p.m. when Wolfgang Klapperich was to be digested at the El Palmar citadel on a motorcycle. The victim died after agonizing 10 hours in the […]

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Machala, Ecuador: Famous Iguanas of Parque Plaza Colón slaughtered with rat poison (video)

MACHALA ECUADOR – EXTERMINATION OF THE GRACIOUS IGUANA FROM A PARK Everyone who has visited Guayaquil, Ecuador wants to see the ancient Iguanas which grace an old park in the middle of this hot and humid port city. Machala, Ecuador also on the hot and humid side has invested millions of dollars in the once […]

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Cuenca, Ecuador: Video shows three thieves ripping off merchant

Cuenca Ecuador: Video shows three thieves working together to steal from a merchant not paying attention to what is going on. Event took place on 10 de Agosto in the commercial area. THINKING OF MOVING TO ECUADOR – BE BETTER PREPARED – READ THIS BOOK Ivan Velesaca Video muestra como 3 ciudadanos aprovechan descuido y […]

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Ecuador: 112 Women Murdered through September 17, 2017

Latacunga – Flor Pineda Bamba died at 00:30 yesterday because of an injury to the jugular, allegedly caused by his partner , in the streets Felix Valencia and Quijano, in the city of Latacunga. According to the police department of the uniformed New Circuit Vida, the crime would be a suspected femicide with the use […]

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Montanita Ecuador: Third murderer of young tourists from Argentina sentenced to 40 years prison (machine translated) reported Marina Menegazzo and María José Coni, the two young Argentine tourists who were murdered at the end of February 2016 in Montañita (Santa Elena). Archive After three days of hearing , the night of this Friday was sentenced to 40 years in jail to José Luis P., a subject that was […]

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Ecuador: Bus wreck in Otavalo probably due to speeding per preliminary report

ACCIDENT PROBABLY RESULT OF SPEEDING, BUS BRAND NEW, ROADS AND LIGHTING IN GOOD CONDITION (machine translated)(Amparito Roser) They arrived in the morning of this Monday to remove the bodies in the morgue of Ibarra. The relatives of the people who died in the traffic accident registered on Sunday night in Otavalo came to the […]

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Ecuador: Another Bus Bites the Dust, 14 killed, 30 injured near Otavalo / Ecuador is going to a period of numerous bus wrecks and continued carnage of dead. Thirteen people were killed and 28 injured when a bus overturned on a highway between the Ecuadorian capital Quito and the northern city of Ibarra, authorities said on Monday. The accident was at 8:00 PM local time. There […]

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Ecuador: Former President Correa disagrees with Pres. Moreno, may ask for constituent assembly reported (machine translated) former President Rafael Correa has assured in Bogota that he does not rule out asking for a National Constituent Assembly in view of the situation that Ecuador is facing because of the public consultation that will be convened by the current president of the country, Lenin Moreno , whose content will […]

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Cuenca Ecuador: Cause of Death for Dead American Expat still unknown

Prosecutor believes Expat died of natural causes but still waiting for autopsy report. reported (machine translated) Robert, a US citizen approximately age 75, was found dead inside the San Francisco building, located on Padre Aguirre and Presidente Córdoba streets. At about 8 am yesterday, agents of the National Police accompanied by experts in Criminalistics […]

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Cuenca, Ecuador: Prostitution, insecurity of concern to residents in parish El Vecino / Prostitution and insecurity are aspects that concern the inhabitants of the parish El Vecino. In recent weeks they have met with the provincial authorities to put on the table proposals that help improve security in the 34 districts of the parish. Jorge Herrera, president of the parish El Vecino, said that the leaders […]

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Cuenca Ecuador: 75 Year-Old Expat Found Dead in Dental Office (Video)

BREAKING/DEVELOPING – Cronicacuenca, Radiotomebamba reports U.S. Expat found dead in dental office located at Padre Aguirre y Presidente Cordova in Cuenca —– Did not provide name, sex. Age 75. Body transferred by forensics group for autopsy. Ciudadano de nacionalidad estadounidense de unos (75) que fue encontrado muerto es llevado al Centro Forense. @mercurioec @tomebamba […]

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Guayaquil, Ecuador: Authorities discover fake taxi, with seals, color of legal taxi / In an operation of the National Police carried out in Guayaquil, in Samanes stage III, to which were added the transit agents of the ATM, a vehicle was detected that carried a stamp of the Municipal Transit Authority with the number 05525 and a sticker of the which attracted attention and after an […]

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Cuenca Ecuador: U.S. Citizen allegedly abducts two Colombian sex workers

Two sex workers allege they were victims of false imprisonment by U.S. citizen and threatened with a knife when they wanted to leave the American’s apartment. (machine translated) / Two sex workers of Colombian nationality, 20 and 21, were allegedly abducted by a man of U.S. nationality yesterday afternoon in the Condominios Del Ejido […]

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Ecuador: Missing woman found working in brothel, victim of forced prostitution (machine translated) reported…The National Police of Ecuador, through the Unit Against the Crime of Trafficking in Persons and Trafficking of Migrants (Ucdtptm), carried out the operation “Fortaleza 89” through which four citizens of Ecuadorian nationality, allegedly engaged in the crime of forced prostitution. The operation took place in Guayaquil, on Thursday, starting at 10:00 […]

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Report states as much as 80 percent of crimes not reported in Ecuador reported thefts, psychological violence, sexual abuse, physical violence and drug trafficking are the five most reported crimes in the province of Guayas. These figures are derived from the State Attorney General’s Office. However,numerous crimes are not reported to authorities. A study found that 80% of crimes in Ecuador go unreported. Other countries also have […]

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Quito, Ecuador: Double Murder in Hotel heist located in Historic Center (Aug. 17′)

Well Planned Heist – Double murder in a hotel in the Historic Center of Quito lahora / (machine translated) QUITO They had everything planned. Two criminals entered a historic downtown hotel to rob guests of many who were foreigners.. The buffoons waited until nightfall to attack the victims. They were willing to do everything in […]

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Volcano on Galapagos Islands erupts / GalapagosEC.- The volcano of the Fernandina Island is in full eruptive process. The Minister of Environment, Tarsicio Hail, has confirmed it through his Twitter account this Monday, September 4, 2017: “Last minute: The giant of Fernandina awakens … We monitor the development of this natural event.” The eruption, however, poses no threat because […]

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Cuenca Ecuador: Crime of Opportunity still threat for expats, travelers /Martin Simmons The young man who recently moved to Cuenca from California described how thieves stole his cell phone and $100 in cash the first month he was in town. Late at night, there are places to be avoided. Hearing his story, a middle-aged woman from New Jersey, standing next to him at a […]

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Director of IESS claims sufficient medical drugs at hospital in Guayaquil, Ecuador

PATIENTS CLAIM THEY ARE TOLD THERE IS MEDICINE SHORTAGE AT Hospital Teodoro Maldonado Carbo Radiosucre – Full supply of medicines in the HTMC ensures the President of IESS Posted on September 1, 2017 by Press News After conducting a tour of the cellars and pharmacies of the Hospital Teodoro Maldonado Carbo, the President of the […]

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Babahoyo – Vinces Ecuador, bus attacked by armed assailants (video)

Armed criminals assault interprovincial bus that covered the route Babahoyo – Vinces / Some who have viewed this video believe the driver may have been involved with the assailants – notice bus slowing down and picking up passengers not at normal stop for an interprovincial bus. Video is Graphic (No SAFETY, SECURITY, HEALTH IN ECUADOR […]

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Ecuador: Bus Assaults Still threat, another one bites the dust route to Cuenca

BUS ON ZHUMIRAL-CUENCA ROUTE ASSAULTED BY ARMED THUGS (El Tiempo)  On Wednesday August 30th, 2017,  at 7:00 am. a Cooperativa Azuay bus was assaulted by armed thugs who feigned being passengers. Three of the so called passengers(robbers) then then allowed two more assailants on board the bus. One of the robbers fired his weapon into […]

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Ecuador: Cautionary tale of professional thieves targeting passengers on interprovincial buses

Despite all the security measures that have been put in place, travel on inter-provincial or long haul buses have security risks. Awareness is mandatory at all times including while getting on or off of a bus. The following story is an unedited version of a recent experience of an expat in Ecuador taking a trip […]

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Guayaquil, Ecuador: Crime Wave of Dog Poisonings in neighborhood near San Marino Mall

Robberies in residential sector north of Guayaquil increased after dog poisoning Security ELUNIVERSO.COM (MACHINE TRANSLATED) This series of crimes intensified after they poisoned the pet of Milton, the past 2 of July. Similar crimes have been committed since that day. The whistleblower said his dog (German shepherd) was barking loudly and driving away the criminals. […]

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Guayaquil Ecuador: Woman Arrested on Metrovia for stealing cell phones (machine translated) The woman was arrested for stealing at a Metrovía station, in the Florida sector, in the north of Guayaquil. At the time of the arrest, the woman was found with three cell phones. This morning, members of the National Police captured a woman who was subtracting cell phones at a Metrovía station, […]

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Otavalo, Ecuador: 8 year old boy kidnapped for ransom, found safe in hostel /(machine translated) OTAVALO, Imbabura. The mother of the kidnapped child was reunited with him in the police units. Otavalo – Dennis, the 8-year-old boy who was kidnapped last Saturday in Otavalo (Imbabura), reunited with his family yesterday. The police rescued him and arrested one of the alleged kidnappers. The little boy enjoyed the last […]

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Colta, Ecuador: More than 20 Venezuelans injured in accident of tourist bus

More than 20 Venezuelans injured by bus accident in Colta eltelegrafo – reported: A traffic accident on a tourist bus was registered Monday afternoon at kilometer 5 of the Balbanera sector, in the Colta area, province of Chimborazo, reported the Integrated Security Service ECU 911. The alert was reported at 15:44. Three ambulances of the […]

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Sucre Manabí : Hepatitis A Outbreak / A health technician from District No. 4 arrived at the Sucre fiscal education unit on May 24 to talk about this disease to parents gathered in the courtyard of the entity. Álvaro Baquezea, the father of the family, indicated that they had been summoned to a meeting to talk to them about this […]

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Ecuador: Tourist Living Insurance Nightmare after severe injuries in bike accident A Scots cyclist badly injured in Ecuador has been left stranded by insurance red tape. Insurers have refused to meet 25-year-old Dylan Brown’s medical costs because doctors were told he may have taken drugs before the accident. And even though his family are confident that tests will prove he had not, they have been […]

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Ecuador: Road to Papallacta closed due to snow, cleaning in process (machine translated) A layer of approximately 6 centimeters of snow covered a part of the road that leads to Papallacta , this Friday, August 25, 2017. Interprovincial cars and buses were affected, at kilometer 20. At the moment it is closed by works of cleaning. ATENCIÓN | Vía Pifo-Papallacta cerrada por precaución. Mónica Valdiviezo, […]

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Esmeraldas Ecuador: Water Crisis, hundreds of thousands impacted (machine translated)The restoration of the drinking water system in Esmeraldas is uncertain. Until Thursday, August 25, 2017, in the afternoon, the technicians of the company EAPA-San Mateo were working on the construction of the bases to place a new pump, according to what had been foreseen. After these tasks, the plant must be tested […]

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Ecuador: Top Prosecutor to Present evidence of corruption against Vice President Glas

(Reuters)(US News and World Report -Daniel Tapa – Ecuador’s top prosecutor said on Monday he would present evidence of corruption against the country’s embattled vice president, who was stripped of his duties by a presidential decree that stopped short of firing him earlier this month. Vice President Jorge Glas was sidelined early this month by […]

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Guayaquil, Ecuador: scopolamine not only drug used to incapacitate victims (machine translated) Restricted substances are used in thefts of individuals They blow a substance from a piece of paper, they give them a towel, they touch them, they apply some substance to them, like perfumes, or they give them some drink and minutes later they lose their will to act or the knowledge, the […]

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Playas Ecuador: Bus accident with van injures two, drivers arrested /(machine translated) An accident occurred around 1 pm Sunday, about 800 meters from the entrance to General Villamil Playas. According to personnel from the Ecuador Transit Commission (CTE), the GST-1950 plate van transported a family to Playas and was hit in the back by the company’s GAZ-463 plate bus, disc 06, Trans. July 25th […]

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Totoracocha, Cuenca, Ecuador: Video of robbery with knife of pedestrians

2. Con cuchillo en mano así roban a transeúntes en Totoracocha #Cuenca. #MercurioEc @mercurioec @tomebamba — Ivan Velesaca (@cronicacuenca) August 18, 2017 SAFETY, SECURITY, HEALTH IN ECUADOR – READ THIS BOOK

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Cuenca Ecuador: Video of Motorcyclists Assaulting, Robbing Pedestrians

1. in #Cuenca video reveals how they operate criminals on a motorcycle in the Totoracocha sector. #MercurioEc | IVM 1. En #Cuenca video revela como operan delincuentes en moto en el sector de Totoracocha. #MercurioEc @mercurioec @tomebamba — Ivan Velesaca (@cronicacuenca) August 18, 2017 SAFETY, SECURITY, HEALTH IN ECUADOR – THIS BOOK IS A […]

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Petroecuador claims no gas shortage despite rumors on social media

Despite saying no gas shortage, petroecuador leaves open possiblity of shutdown of one of the country’s refineries (machine translated Petroecuador says there will be no gas shortage The company denies a future without fuel, but leaves open the possibility of a planned stoppage in one of its three refineries. Although the statement is clear, […]

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Ecuador: Graphic Video of Knife Wielding Bus Robbers

#URGENTE | #COMPARTE TO BE CAPTURED STRONGLY ARMED CRIME ROBANS TO PASSENGERS OF THE CITIM COOP IN THE VIA MILAGRO-GUAYAQUIL Moments of terror lived the passengers of the bus of the coop. #Citim when heavily armed criminals untied them. The unit covered the route #Milagro – #Guayaquil. The National Police dismantled a band that operated […]

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Sangay National Park, Ecuador: Six Hikers Missing / Search and rescue teams are looking for six hikers who have not been heard from in nearly a week.  They are believed to be somewhere in Sangay National Park. Specifically they were to be in the area known as Laguna Negra de Palitahua. Last contact with the group was on August 8.  Several […]

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Two Murders in Two Days in Portoviejo, Manabi Ecuador

PORTOVIEJO. The body of the victim, who was 50 years old. With at least three shots, two of those visible in the head, Jimmy León Zambrano, 50, was killed yesterday morning in the sector of the Santa Cruz bridge in the capital of Manabi. Staff from specialized police units, such as the Dinased, were […]

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Oyacoto, Quito, Ecuador: Another Bus Accident injures at least six

At least six injured after Oyacoto toll accident (machine translated) QUITO. In the zone of the toll of Oyacoto an accident was recorded today that was attended immediately by the firemen of the city. (Twitter Bomberos Quito) Enlarge QUITO. In the Oyacoto toll sector, five people were injured after the vehicle collision between two […]

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Ambato Ecuador: Taxi Drivers protest against photo radar / The streets of Ambato, Ecuador were filled with taxi drivers protesting against photo radar on Monday, La Hora reported. Thousands showed up to march along Avenida Cevallos waving banners and signs. Read Article

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Ecuador: Young Tourist from UK tragically dies while white water rafting in Ecuador

By Sara Kamouni/ SCHOOL TRIP TRAGEDY IN ECUADOR UK schoolboy, 17, dies after falling from an inflatable boat while white water rafting with classmates on trip to Ecuador Matthew Hitchman was on a month-long trek across the Andes A 17-year-old boy has died on a school trip to Ecuador after he fell from an inflatable […]

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How to identify counterfeit five dollar bills in Ecuador /(MACHINE TRANSLATED) The Central Bank of Ecuador (ECB) informs the public that it is not aware of the fact that it has been warned in social networks regarding the circulation of false dollars of five dollars allegedly identifiable by the numbers 8612 placed as the last four digits of the numbering of the series. […]

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.PHARMACEUTIAL ALERT A few weeks ago reported a raid by authorities on a clandestinne laboratory outside of Cuenca, Ecuador. Here is developing information: .The clandestine lab was allegedly shipping counterfeit drugs from China to Ecuador. Primary shipments were to pharmacies in 31 cities in the provinces of Loja, Azuay, Cañar, El Oro, Sucumbíos, Tungurahua, […]

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Ecuador: Femicide Cases Up 60 Percent first seven months of 2017 reported (machine translated) Interior Minister César Navas admitted yesterday at a press conference that in cases of femicide there has been a 60% increase compared to 2016, in the same period from January to July. “Until July 29 we have 70 cases, although certain commissions say different figures, but a team has been formed […]

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Quito Ecuador: Tourist from Scotland in Intensive Care after cycling accident / A Glasgow man is in intensive care in a South American hospital after suffering a serious head injury in a bike accident. Dylan Brown, 25, from Dennistoun, needed an emergency operation after another tourist found him unconscious on a cycle route in Quito, Ecuador, two days ago. cycling  He was taken to three […]

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Ecuador: Statistics regarding femicide include 77% attackers use knives, strangulation – According to a study of judicial sentences of femicides occurred in 2015, presented by the Ecumenical Commission on Human Rights (Cedhu), 56% of cases in the country occur during night or dawn when little surveillance. Attacks of the perpetrators occur with the same percentage (56%) inside the houses and 43% of other cases […]

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Nine Years Abroad in Ecuador Prison, Drug Trafficker from U.K. tells all / Gangland executions, grenade and gun fights, riots and escapes – Pieter Tritton has seen it all and lived to tell the tale after nine years in prison in Ecuador. Jailed for masterminding cocaine export from the South American country to the UK, he went from living the high life as a drug dealer […]

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Manabi, Ecuador: Authorities making efforts to curb clandestine theft of electricity (machine translated) 83 cases of energy theft have Jean Carlo Giler, commercial director of the (Cnel), warned that the objective is to detect those who have clandestine connections, reason why the strategic plan includes works coordinated with members of the Police and the prosecutor (Fiscalía). He explained that for detection they arrive at a […]

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Cuenca Ecuador: Underground pharmaceutical laboratory raided Guambaña – Seven detainees left Operation Drug IV on Tuesday in the provinces of Azuay, Cañar and El Oro. A suspected informal drug laboratory was raided. pharmaceutical Among the evidences seized raw material, boxes with expired drugs and others without sanitary registration. The hearing on the formulation of charges will be held this Wednesday […]

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Venezuelans lining up at Ecuador Border seeking entrance

number of foreigners seeking to enter Ecuador, from Colombia, increased in Rumichaca El Comercio / The Migration Office of Ecuador, located on the International Bridge of Rumichaca, on the border with Colombia, increased from 6 to 13 windows of attention to the public. This seeks to expedite the procedures of the growing number of foreign […]

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Ecuador: Sex Trafficking of the Indigenous, seldom reported or discussed

BOGOTA (Thomson Reuters Foundation)/ Anastasia Moloney – Hundreds of indigenous people, including children, across Ecuador are being trafficked each year but few victims come forward because of shame and fear and little is known about the true scale of the problem, campaigners say. In Ecuador, the most common form of human trafficking involves women and […]

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4.7 earthquake Manabi, Ecuador

4.7 magnitude earthquake in Manabí (EFE) .- A magnitude-4 earthquake was recorded today in the province of Manabí, southwest of Quito, without causing damage or casualties, the Geophysical Institute reported. According to this institution, the epicenter was the city of Calceta, in the canton Bolivar, to a depth of 13.20 kilometers. The tremors are frequent […]

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Ecuador: Landslide closes highway between Ambato – Guaranda

HEAVY RAINS MONDAY CONTRIBUTE TO LANDSLIDE translated) The president of the parish board of Pilahuín, Alejandro Tamaquiza, reported that on Tuesday afternoon a collapse occurred at the height of the community of San Isidro completely closed the Ambato-Guaranda highway and prevented vehicular traffic. Tamaquiza said the landslide was triggered by heavy rainfall since Monday […]

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Cuenca, Ecuador: Two IESS hospital parking areas to have increased security

The use of the parking areas of the hospital “Vicente Corral Moscoso” and “José Carrasco Arteaga” is free. / As of today, the parking lot of the hospital “José Carrasco Arteaga” of the IESS that is next to the main entrance of the building, will be of exclusive use for people with disabilities. The […]

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Bahía de Caráquez, Ecuador: Assailant of Woman Shot and Killed by Police

ASSAILANT ALSO TRIED TO ATTACK POLICE WITH KNIFE eldiario.e- machine translated – An alleged assailant died this Saturday, July 22, 2017, the product of shots fired by a policeman who had attempted to attack with a knife on the bridge Caras de Caráquez Bay, in the canton of Sucre. The incident was raised this morning, […]

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Ecuador: Alleged Eruption of Reventador Volcano on social media false (machine translated) This July 25 has circulated in social networks an alleged video of the explosion of the volcano Reventador. However, the Geophysical Institute clarifies that the activity of the volcano has remained high, without significant variations. Mónica Segovia, spokeswoman of the Geophysical Institute, referred to the video that circulates in social networks and […]

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Ecuador:18 Dead in two vehicle accidents

18 people killed in two road accidents in Ecuador / This Sunday 18 people died in two traffic accidents registered in the province of Chimborazo, Ecuador. “Two traffic accidents in Colta and Guamote mourn our country, all our solidarity with the relatives of the victims,” ​​wrote the president of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, in his […]

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Ecuador: Scammers on Facebook Offering Loans for One Percent

AT LEAST 300 VICTIMS OF FACEBOOK SCAM / HEAD OF CRIMINAL GROUP IS FOREIGNER EL TELÉGRAFO / MACHINE TRANSLATED/ The offer was very attractive: loans between $ 1,000 and $ 100,000 at 1% interest. The announcement circulated on Facebook and there were those who risked to participate, despite the same route appear warnings from the […]

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Quito Ecuador: Passengers Raise Hell, refuse to exit plane on TAME flight

quito/cuenca flight not able to land due to weather conditions / passengers go ballistic / An air passenger protest today in Ecuador. This morning, TAME Flight 173 could not land in Cuenca because the airline said there were meteorological issues including poor visibility on the runway due to the presence of fog banks. The […]

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Mysterious Phone Calls Originating from Papua New Guinea targeting callers in Ecuador

Movistar and Claro warn users about strange calls of code +675 Attention: Calling from Papua New Guinea could be a scam translated)The voice of a woman who speaks in English asking for help and says to please return the call. That was the brief contact that kept Bella when she answered the cell phone […]

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Ecuador: Stricter Controls for Electronic Items and Hand Luggage on flights to U.S. Controls for passengers and their hand luggage and electronic devices have intensified since July 19, 2017, on flights to the United States . The goal is to comply with the provision issued last June by the Transportation Security Administration ( TSA ). According to TSA information, people will not be stripped of their devices […]

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Ecuador to increase oil output, ignore quota limits by OPEC reported – Ecuador risks Opec split by increasing oil output Ecuador has become the first country to publicly admit it will not meet Opec’s production curbs, saying it needs to pump more oil to address its fiscal deficit. The South American country’s promised cut of 26,000 barrels of oil a day is a tiny […]

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Ecuador: Bus Overturns, catches fire, passengers trapped in inferno reported a bus crashed at kilometer 30 of the Alóag – Santo Domingo road on Friday night July 14, 2017. The exact number of people injured in the incident is unknown; The removal of the victims trapped in the means of transport is currently underway, ECU 911 reported. The emergency coordination center received a […]

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U.S. expat arrested in Ecuador for IRS charges, established gofundme account

In January of 2017, former U.S. expat in Ecuador, Daryl Giesking established a page attempting to raise $50,000. On July 13, 2017, Daryl Giesking was sentence to 2.5 years in Federal prison for submitting fraudulent income tax returns. He had hired an enrolled IRS agent in 2008, to prepare his 2007 taxes. He received […]

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Ecuador: Shaman to be sentenced to Prison Term in Death of U.S. citizen, during Ayahuasca Ceremony


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Galapagos Islands, Ecuador: After three years no resolution in the death of U.S. expat

Valerie de la Valdene, a world-class underwater photographer, died in the Galapagos in 2014. Authorities ruled it a suicide, but friends and family believe there’s more to the story. By Jim Wyss (Miami Herald) It has been three years since Valerie de la Valdene, a 47-year-old Palm Beach native and underwater film-maker, met an ugly […]

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Members of Sinaloa Cartel Detained in Cocaine Distribution Operation in Ecuador Translated – In the operation denominated Sinaloa, authorities dismantled an extension of a Mexican cartel composed by a Colombian and 11 Mexicans. After the raids, carried out in various sectors of the province of Pichincha, 101 kilos of cocaine were seized, which narcos hid in cocoa seeds and then sent to North American markets. […]

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Imbabura Volcano: Two German hikers reported lost found safe

Two German tourists who became lost on Imbabura Mountain were rescued, by a multi-agency search force. The hikers, both 19-year-old women, were located this afternoon after a helicopter flew searched for the pair of 19-year-old women, were located by a helicopter. A medical evaluation, it determined their health as stable. One firefighter suffered a fracture […]

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Anger against tourist posting pictures on social networks, touching animals on Galapagos Islands

METRO ECUADOR (MACHINE TRANSLATED) Anger on social networks for tourist who touched and kissed animals in Galápagos displaying pictures on instagram. In the account in Instagram of the tourist @welcomadventure have been published the images that have indignado to users of the networks in Ecuador. Through the social networks have circulated photographs of a Russian […]

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Guayaquil, Ecuador: 60 Percent of Crimes Committed From Individuals on Motorcycles

The proposed ordinance would establish regulations on the purchase of motorcycles and a strategy for reviewing the Police. / Ángel Aguirre reported (machine translated) More than 60% of the crimes registered in Guayaquil are committed on motorcycles. Places, times and days when the cases are increasing were part of the diagnosis analyzed by the […]

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Guayaquil, Ecuador: Victim of Bus Crash not allowed to leave hospital until bill paid translated) Maura Bravo, 27, was discharged from the Luis Vernaza hospital in Guayaquil late Saturday afternoon, hours after the crash between two interprovincial transport busses Valencia and Zaracay, which left 2 dead and 26 wounded, but could not leave the hospital until she canceled(paid) the $ 381 charged by the hospital. This was stated […]

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Cuenca Ecuador: Gay expat victim of poisoning, robbery at his residence

The following information was submitted to The name of the source and victim are not shared in this post. There is limited details to the event and LACE is attempting to obtain more information. The name of the victim’s home country also is not mentioned in order to protect his identity. On or about […]

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