Gualaceo, Ecuador: Water quality problems due to mudslide, using reserve supplies

Posted on October 17, 2017 • Filed under: Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency / The heavy rains that occurred during this weekend, caused turbidity in the San Francisco River, which caused that about 30,000 inhabitants remained without vital liquid during several hours of yesterday. This situation was caused because the stone material that rested on the river bed will be displaced and will cause turbidity in Capzha capture plant of the public company of Drinking Water, Sewage and Sanitation of the Municipality of Gualaceo.
Galo Durazno, manager of the company, reported that without having an immediate solution, will continue to use reserve water from the plant to provide the service either for five or four hours a day, a situation that will be maintained indefinitely, until counting with solutions.


The mayor Juan Diego Bustos made a tour yesterday together with the municipal technicians, to verify the influx of the river, reason why they demand to the national authorities the urgent intervention in the zone.
The staff of the water company worked in the early morning cleaning of the catchment system, so they closed the water.

Last Monday, October 2, on the Gualaceo-Miraagro-Limón Indanza Road, Ingamullo 2 sector, a mudslide appeared that caused the plugging of the river, material that could not be removed due to the affectation that could occur to the channel.
With this panorama, the Cantonal Emergency Committee was active and together with the Ministry, who decided to suspend the work and close the way completely. Read Article

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