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Mexico: Immigration Officials Accused participating in criminal network, blackmailing relatives reported agents of the National Institute of migration (INM) were accused of participating in a criminal network in a season of Acayucan, Southern State of Veracruz, to the detriment of illegal Central American origin. The complaint figure who is blackmailed to relatives of immigrants, collection of fees to free undocumented intercepted vehicles and the sale of marijuana in the Centre.According to testimonies of the same dependency and immigrant staff, within the framework of corruption are the director Commissioner Horacio Alcocer Rangel, and Agent Alberto Bravo Jiménez. One of the cases was denounced by Rosa Flores, Honduran citizen who arrived on 28 February last to Tenosique, Tabasco, to request asylum.The woman along with his family was detained at the immigration station. Read Article

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Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil: Police Officers Detained for Extortion and Corruption Charges reported on August 4, 2013 that the civil police arrested six police officers in Cuiaba, accused of involvement in drug trafficking as well as protecting traffickers. Among those detained include chief of the Homicide and Protection of Persons. The chief and his wife are charged with corruption and involvement with trafficking. The remaining four […]

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El Salvador: businessmen complain authorities do little to curb extortion

An entrepreneur migueleño said yesterday that neither the National Civil Police (PNC), and the Attorney General’s Office do nothing to “solve” the extortion despite presenting evidence. The employer claimed at a forum organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of El Salvador, who has three years paying extortion, and that those who collect the […]

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Ecuador: Despite warning from President Correa, police continue corruption of demanding money from victims to investigate

According to, it is an open secret in the premises of the Judicial Police in the country, in the prosecution. But as said Antonio Gagliardo, District Attorney Galapagos Guayas and probably no citizen complaint because they are smaller amounts of money. It refers to the alleged corruption of certain agents of the Judicial Police, […]

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Head of La Familia Michoacana drug trafficking organization caught in Mexico

Juan Carlos Muñoz Vargas (36), alias “El Pariente, was captured during a police raid in the city of Toluca, Mexico. He is believed to be a leader of the La Familia Michoacana drug trafficking organization, Antena 3 reports. He ordered at least 20 murders during his time in the cartel, according to officials. El Pariente […]

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Peru: Man forced to traffick drugs after girlfriend is kidnapped by Colombians

Borja Alvaro Fernandez, a Spanish citizen, was arrested in the international airport in Lima, Peru, after officials found him with 3 kilos of drugs. The suspect claimed he was being extorted by two Colombian drug traffickers, who forced him to work as a mule in exchange for freeing his girlfriend, who had been kidnapped. They […]

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Arson at Mexican Pepsi subsidiary company linked to Knights Templar cartel

After five attacks on Pepsi subsidiary company Sabritas, including arson on distribution centers and the torching of dozens of vehicles, police have arrested several suspects. Fox News Latino reports this is the first large-scale coordinated attack against a multinational company in five years. The affected centers and vehicles belonging to Sabritas were located in the […]

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