Academic Calls for Invasion of Venezuela

Posted on January 8, 2018 • Filed under: Conflicts, Social Issues, Venezuela

Invade Venezuela and get it over with, top Harvard academic says

By Monica Showalter

Ricardo Hausmann is no typical academic. This past week, he suggested in an article that a foreign invasion may be the only way out for Venezuela’s collapsing socialist regime. The respected Venezuelan economist who is a professor at Harvard’s Kennedy school is known for going out on a limb and making the powers that be uncomfortable. He’s done it a lot and it’s because he loves his country.


He was one of the first to call fraud on Venezuela’s recall referendum of 2004 and blast Jimmy Carter, who claimed all was free and fair. With Venezuela soon starving, he shocked the world ten years later by calling on Venezuela to default on its debts and use the cash to feed its people. He warned a second time that banks that issue new debt for Venezuela as a lifeline to the regime were propping up the regime’s capacity to create more starvation. Read Article

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