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Latin Americans spend 56 more times on social networks than world average reported that Latin Americans spend 56% more time on social networking sites than the worldwide average, research firm comScore reports. It also released interesting data on the most popular networks across the region. According to the findings, Argentina is Latin America’s most “social addicted” country, with an average of 9.8 hours on social networking sites in November, closely followed by Brazil, which ranked second at 9.7 hours. Peru, Chile and Mexico also appear within the top ten global markets in that respect. Read Article

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Brazil Starts Monitoring Food Products Imported From Japan

The Brazilian government started on Monday to monitor food products imported from Japan in order to prevent radiation-contaminated goods from entering the country. Read Article

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Brazil – Flood Video 2011

Various videos from the massive floods in Brazil, 2011 —————————————————————————— object width=”640″ height=”385″> ——————————————————————————- ———————————————————————————

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