Ecuador: President Moreno making efforts to dialogue with Indigenous groups

Posted on September 21, 2017 • Filed under: Ecuador, Latin America Indigenous Issues / In July 2017, President Lenin Moreno met with CONAIE, the Federation of Indigenous Peoples of Ecuador. It had been 8 years since the dialogue between the national government and the indigenous movement had been suspended. Showing his commitment to re-establish the dialogue, President Moreno pledged to restore intercultural bilingual education and guaranteed the lease of CONAIE’s headquarters for 100 years. Other points on the agenda of the indigenous movement remained pending, including pardons for 177 indigenous leaders prosecuted for protesting the previous government.


On 4 September 2017, CONAIE received long-awaited official recognition for its elected chairperson, Marlon Vargas. The indigenous communities of the Ecuadorian Amazon, including the Shuar, have long suffered at the hands of the Ecuadorian government and foreign companies, which have been conducting mining activities in their indigenous lands. Recent events have caused hope among indigenous leaders that further restoration of the rights of indigenous peoples may be attained in the future. Read Article

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