40 Percent of New Vehicle Sales in Ecuador from Asia

Posted on July 30, 2014 • Filed under: Asia, Business, Ecuador

Elcomercio.com reported inn Ecuador were marketed 52 brands of vehicles during 2013.Of that number, 21 correspond to brands from Asian countries such as China, Japan and Korea in the South and India, according to figures from the Association of automotive companies of Ecuador (Aeade). I.e., the 40% of automotive brands that circulate in the Ecuador comes from the Asian continent.Of this group, the three best-selling are Kia (12 300 units), Hyundai (9 629) and Nissan (6 576). In total, Sales of all Asian brands border 44 000 units, number of relevance if you take into account that last year sales of new vehicles (imported and assembled in Ecuador) reached 113 812 units. This means that 39% of segment applies to vehicles from China, Japan, South Korea… However, I have to see brands with higher demand, Chevrolet is the leader with 44% of the market.Then there is Kia with 10.8% and the podium is completed by Hyundai having 8.46% of the market. Chevrolet remains the main actor in the market, at least since 2007. From that year until 2013, its market share has not dropped 40%, according to the statistics of the Aeade. KIA has instead grown progressively: in 2007 I was 3.12% of the cake and the previous year closed with 8.35%. In the top ten of the most sold brands, six brands are Asian, two are European, and two are American. In this group, Mazda and Toyota have lost market from 2007 to last year. Read Article

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