Two Synthetic Drug Labs Destroyed in Michoacán, Mexico

Posted on May 30, 2013 • Filed under: Crime, Drug Activity, Mexico, Michuocan, Police/Military Activity

From on May 26, 2013- Mexican police found and dismantled two laboratories used for the production of synthetic drugs in the towns of Parácuaro and Aguililla in the state of Michoacán. In the first incident, police found various containers used for drugs in an apparent state of neglect. Police also found more than a hundred jugs of alcohol and other unidentified substances, sodium acetate, tubs, and gas tanks. In addition, police also seized 15 packages that each held 15 kilos of substance similar to “crystal,” three magazines, 90 cartridges for assault rifles, and a stolen Jeep Cherokee. In the second lab authorities found 51 bags of 25 kilo capacity with signs of sodium hydroxide, tartaric acid, and sodium acetate anhydrous, plus five barrels of which two contained an unidentified liquid substance. All the seized items were handed over to federal prosecutors to handle the investigations and burn the substances. Read Article

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