Ecuador’s equivalent to Pablo Escobar busted in Colombia

Posted on April 23, 2017 • Filed under: Colombia, Crime, Drug Activity, Ecuador, Police/Military Activity

Pablo Escobar from Ecuador (machine translated) This is the incredible story of a man who went from being a boatman to becoming a megacapo who in two years exported 250 tons of drug and to which they have found him 20 million dollars in caletas.
For several years now, the drug trade in Colombia has been atomized, and the authorities, the media and society have long been unaware of the existence of a capo with the ability to lead all the chains of a cartel style structure. But in the world of the mafia from time to time appear characters that are out of the ordinary. And that’s why the Washington Prado case is unusual and very striking. Although he was known with Gerald’s alias, what he did leaves no doubt that he may be considered the late Pablo Escobar .

With only 35 years of age became, in the middle of the most absolute anonymity, in a real bonnet that created a similar structure in all sense to the one of the extinct poster of Medellín. Several data show that this is not a misleading comparison. In the last two years he managed to transport 250 tons of cocaine from the Colombian Pacific to Central America and the United States.


Another 150 were confiscated in that period. He owned a dozen ships and dozens of speed boats, known as go fast, which he used to carry the drug. Only in the house where his mother lived the authorities found in a sophisticated creek 12 million dollars in cash; A similar figure was found in other hideouts. He had a sicarial arm in charge of eliminating his rivals, as well as of assassinating and threatening to police, prosecutors and judges, as in the worst times of Escobar. All this emporium ended a few days ago when he was arrested after an operation of a special investigation group (SIU) of the Dijin , the Office of the Prosecutor, the Ecuadorian Police and the DEA . But who is this man, born in Ecuador , and how did he become an unknown capo with immense power? Read Article

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