Ecuador: Former President Correa disagrees with Pres. Moreno, may ask for constituent assembly

Posted on September 24, 2017 • Filed under: Conflicts, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency, Politics reported (machine translated) former President Rafael Correa has assured in Bogota that he does not rule out asking for a National Constituent Assembly in view of the situation that Ecuador is facing because of the public consultation that will be convened by the current president of the country, Lenin Moreno , whose content will be officially presented on October 2.

“We can not talk about a true democracy . According to that, they want to take advantage of it to make a popular query, to collapse everything. Well, if that’s what they want to do, let’s go to a constituent assembly and we’re going to be elected again, “Correa said after giving a lecture at the National University of Colombia. The exmandatario told reporters that this will be the last letter that will play in the face of the situation in his country, considering that the Government of Moreno is implementing “the program of the opposition.”

Correa believes that the Government of Moreno has a “media armor”

Correa also added that “there is a terrible persecution, of legitimation of all that we have done , a series of slander. Every week one sees scandals, the last cantinflada is that I have been handling a camera from my cell phone, nonsense . Moreno denounced on September 15 the finding of a hidden camera, allegedly connected to the outside, and which was installed in his office in the Palacio de Carondelet , the seat of the Executive.

The complaint was made during a meeting with his cabinet, in which he said that the presidential protection service detected the chamber, whose installation, as reported, was ordered by Correa, his predecessor and co-religionist of the Alianza Pais movement some seven or eight years ago.

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Rafael Correa said Friday in the Colombian capital that the Government of Moreno has a “media armor” and is an accomplice of “mercantile media.” “The mercantile means were always against us, but … the marginal public means existed to be more objective, and especially the Government, that I was a good communicator. Now there is nothing, the government is an accomplice of the mercantile means, public means have been given to the mercantile press , “he said. Read Article

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