Guayaquil, Ecuador: Criminals Change Robbery Techniques

Posted on December 2, 2017 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency

Many career criminals in Ecuador skillfully follow the U.S. Marine mantra of “adapt, overcome, improvise”. Almost without fail they seem to adjust to most measures by authorities to place criminals in check. For years, I have warned others that if you see two men on a motorcycle and especially without a license plate to up their situational antenna. For at least the last two decades a number of criminals have used motorcycles in the commission of their evil deeds. Also, motorcycles are often used by paid assassins (sicarios) to attack their victim with the gunman often riding on the back of the motorbike.

Authorities in Guayaquil recently tightened up restrictions on the hours when two men are allowed to be on a motorcycle at the same time. Well, the thugs have adapted to the changes. Here is a case where two robbers and assailants on a motorcycle attacked a gasoline station dressed as women. Authorities have also noticed that there is an increase in assailants committing crimes while on bicycles. (Nicholas Crowder)


The Police reported two cases, in which the delinquents used bicycles to commit robberies in Guayaquil, which will increase the number of police in some sectors.

Two men disguised as women assaulted the mini-market of a gas station at kilometer 4 of Avenida Carlos Julio Arosemena in Guayaquil.

The criminals, according to the images of the security video of the service station, arrived on a motorcycle.

The robbery occurred last weekend. The individuals wore long wigs and acted as clients until they took out their weapons to strip salespeople from the store’s gas station.


Colonel Juan Carlos Soria, head of the Subdirectorate of Crimes against Property (Sidprobac), reported yesterday that the experts will analyze the videos to identify and arrest the thugs.

General Marcelo Tobar, chief of the Police of Zone 8 (Guayaquil, Durán and Samborondón), said that in the face of what happened, controls were increased in some sectors of the city, considering that crime migrates and changes the modality due to the controls of use and circulation of motorcycles.

The officer said that they will continue with the operations so that between 7:00 and 4:00, two men do not travel by motorcycle. “Because we can not deviate from what is provided by the municipal ordinance.”

In relation to this issue, on October 28 of this year, Andrés Roche, manager of the Municipal Transit Authority (ATM), announced his request to the Cantonal Council of Guayaquil to clarify the rule and put in the text that the prohibition of riding on motorcycles at set times for two people regardless of whether they are of the same sex. “I do not know at what point the norm became sexist.”

Tobar revealed that to circumvent the controls, thieves now use bicycles, as revealed by two cases reported in recent days. “The objective of the ordinance is not to remove motorcycles, but we do it when they do not have the documentation in order or do not carry plates.” Read Article

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