Ecuador: Bus wreck in Otavalo probably due to speeding per preliminary report

Posted on September 26, 2017 • Filed under: Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency

ACCIDENT PROBABLY RESULT OF SPEEDING, BUS BRAND NEW, ROADS AND LIGHTING IN GOOD CONDITION (machine translated)(Amparito Roser) They arrived in the morning of this Monday to remove the bodies in the morgue of Ibarra.

The relatives of the people who died in the traffic accident registered on Sunday night in Otavalo came to the morgue in Ibarra on Monday morning .

The Governor of Imbabura coordinates the details of the funeral services with the relatives of the 13 people who died in the accident.

Gov. Paolina Vercoutere came Monday morning to the morgue of the Ministry of Health in Otavalo to talk to the mourners who had come in search of information.

Vercoutere extended his condolences on behalf of the Government, and informed them that they would be assisted “in whatever we have to do.”



He asked them for the name and contact of the family member with whom the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion (MIES) could coordinate “aid for exchequer services”.

Pain for the loss

Amid government actions, family members experienced the pain of losing loved ones, and some anticipated legal action.

Óscar López reported, in tears, that his daughter Gabriela López Andrade, today would have turned 23 years old. He added that she had two reasons to celebrate: her birthday and the news that she would begin her university studies.

She had traveled to Quito to enroll in college. “My daughter was very happy.” Papi is already enrolled in the university “… And she could not get to the house,” Óscar López sobbed.

Homero Usiña, who lost three cousins ​​in the accident, announced that he will file a lawsuit for “justice to try the person responsible for this fact.”

“I call on the drivers who put themselves in front of a steering wheel, who are aware that they are human lives and that has to be valued,” said Usiña.

Possible speeding

It occurred on the Otavalo-Cajas road, in the sector of the roundabout of the González Suárez parish, in Otavalo, in the province of Imbabura. Thirteen people died in the road tragedy, while 28 were injured.

In the vehicle, an apparently new bus of the cooperative San Gabriel, of plates IAA-1963, traveled 40 passengers. The six-lane road was well lit and in good condition.

According to the police general, Carlos Alulema, possibly speeding would have caused the bus to collide with another vehicle and against the ground, and, after the impact, could have slipped several meters with the tires up.

Governor Vercoutere said investigations are continuing to determine the causes of the tragedy. In addition, it reiterated that the balance was of 13 dead and 28 wounded, that are distributed in the different health houses of the province. Read Article

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