Milagro, Ecuador: Lack of Forensics Doctors, charging more than $200 for autopsies

Posted on January 23, 2017 • Filed under: Ecuador

eluniverso.comreported(machine translated)It was a rainy dawn, in the morgue of Milagro there was despair, pain, anguish, discontent and, in the midst of it, stupor because relatives of 20 people killed in a traffic accident, who had arrived from Guayaquil, learned that in that canton , The third most populated of Guayas, charge by autopsies more than $ 200.

It is ratified by miracle dwellers. Hence, it is not isolated the complaint and bewilderment of a woman who said she was given $ 250 for the body in the early hours of Saturday 14 when two coroners and six assistants were in charge of the autopsies, which included rearming bodies dismembered after a Crashing collision in the Yaguachi-Milagro road, almost at 9:00 pm on Friday the 13th.

Amid the pain of loss, the intention of recovery was a blow that many families in Milagro have endured. There are no legally paid doctors for the government and the population links this lack to alleged cases of abuse, extortion and abuse, referring doctors who appear to impose fees, blocking the delivery of autopsy protocols.

The prosecutors of Yaguachi, Modesto Freire; And Naranjito, Pedro Orellana, admit a background of hardship. They speak of the need for Milagro to have lawyers assigned by the Government, even in the service of the surrounding population. Freire refers to the release of a detainee for sexual violence, after the victim’s family could not afford an examination of recognition. “If they finish the 24 hours of flagrancy, it is free,” he says.

Relatives of the 20 dead did not pay the autopsies. Governor Luis Monge argued for a minimal cost, and those values ​​were taken over by mayors Daniel Avecilla of Yaguachi; And Denisse Robles, by Milagro. Wilson Rivera, a coroner who brought the morgue to the governor, says they have agreed to $ 150 per cadaver and denies that they have asked for $ 250. Read Article


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