Ecuador: 102 national police fired for disciplinary acts in 2016

Posted on February 7, 2017 • Filed under: Corruption, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency, Police/Military Activity reported in 2016, the Ministry of the Interior separated 102 gendarmes from the institution for in disciplinary acts. In less than two months, there are three detainees. Writing Justice Police Néstor Leonardo GA, 34, was detained – before dawn on Sunday – after allegedly stealing a cellphone and a charger from a home, where a search was made. According to a police report, the raid was carried out in a house located in the direction of Geovanny Calles and Punín, in the sector Calderón, in Quito. There, the agents seized alkaloids (the amount was not specified) and captured the 36-year-old Colombian Jairo Andrés C. Subsequently, the citizen Paris G., who was also in the building, reported that he could not find his cell phone and charger. The prosecutor who participated in the operation requested that the site be reviewed. The device was found in the yard, while the charger was found in the pocket of the policeman who was responsible for providing security in the action. The previous day, in Machala, El Oro province, another gendarme was apprehended for driving in a drunken state. A police officer in the 9 de Mayo stadium observed that a man driving a pickup truck with tinted windows accelerated to see the patrolman and made a maneuver that almost ended in an accident. The policeman lit the beacons and chased the driver. Also, using a megaphone, he asked the offender to stop, but he did not. At Manuel Stoma and Santa Rosa streets, the man stopped at the sight of the patrolman in front of him. The uniformed man asked for the driving documents and he said he did not have them and he did not understand why he was asked if he had not done anything. As he spoke, the smell that emanated revealed that he was drunk, so he was taken to the offices of the Provincial Traffic Headquarters, where he was tested for alcohol. The result was positive and the alcohol level per liter of blood was 4.97 grams. There they knew that it was Robert Paul PL, active member of the Police, in degree of corporal first. The sanction he would face is 30 days of deprivation of liberty, payment of a fine of three unified basic salaries and suspension of the license for 60 days.


On 2 February, police officer Osmar J.Ch.V. Was arrested along with four suspects of belonging to an alleged gang of assaulters of commercial premises and banks in Guayaquil. The apprehensions occurred the afternoon of the last Tuesday in the vicinity of the avenue Benjamin Rosales, to the height of a gas station of the zone, in front of the Terrestrial Terminal. Last year, 102 police officers were de-linked to move away from the true mission for which they entered the institution. In the last four years, 886 gendarmes were separated from the police ranks. The Interior Minister, Pedro Solines, during an interview with this newspaper referred to the issue of unlinked police, noting that due process will be followed for those who commit acts outside the law. Once the crime is verified, it will be separated from the institution. From 2013 to 2016, 886 police officers were disengaged. Read Article

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