Quitumbe Ecuador: Increase in assaults robberies by assailants on motorcycles

Posted on February 7, 2017 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency

South of Quito, some assailants are using fake pistols and knives in their assaults. Assailants often work in a group of two individuals on a motorcycle. They often use fake or tamptered vehicle plates to throw off authorities.

The constant robbery of people registered in Quitumbe forced the police of that jurisdiction to change the strategy to identify criminals, who are hurting passers-by who are early to work or study. The uniformed officers changed patrol shifts and now work with intelligence teams of the Judicial Police and the Investigation of Offenses against Property Subproject (Sidpro – BAC).

Agents identified a common denominator in the ‘modus operandi’ of these antisocials. They act between two people and are usually mobilized on board a motorcycle with tampered plates to mislead the authorities.

Yesterday morning two young people were detained who used this vehicle to rob a man, who, as he did every day, got up early to work, without thinking about the bad time he was about to experience.


Before 05:00 an assault took place in the sector of Guamaní, in the south of Quito. One of the criminals threatened the victim with what would apparently be a firearm, but it was no more than an instrument that had a wooden handle tied with iron.

The replica of the pistol was so well done that the victims handed over all their belongings so they would not be shot.

Although they used with a fake weapon, the antisocial ones also had as their ‘plan B’ a knife that was ready to be used.


Police were behind the motorcycle track where the suspects were arrested. The gendarmes identified the vehicle at 05:30 by the sector of La Cocha and Turubamba.

After a persecution, the gendarmes of the preventive Police managed to stop the ‘little angels’. They had in their possession six allegedly stolen cell phones. Also seized cash, the fake weapon and the knife.

Colonel Martin Tovar, commander of the Quitumbe District, explained that they are behind another black motorcycle that is also being used for people theft.


Last Thursday, the agents of the same detachment apprehended two other young men who, presumably, also robbed using a motorcycle. In this case, the police identified the same ‘modus operandi’ of the assailants, who tried to escape by jumping to the ravine Calicanto.

The uniformed men were able to stop them with cell phones and a white weapon they used to threaten their victims. Read Full Article

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