Samanes, Ecuador: Interprovincial bus assaulted by armed gunmen and gunwomen

Posted on February 14, 2017 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency

Two Women Detained in holdup. Assault happened at 2:00 AM/ On Route from Guayaquil to Chone / No Injuries/Tried to Escape through the sewer/flood pipelines. (Machine Translated)
Three men and two women who were aboard the Reina del Camino interprovincial transport bus stormed yesterday morning to the passengers of the vehicle while driving along the Narcisa de Jesús highway, near Samanes.

It was about 2:00 am when the subjects with firearms threatened passengers of the bus to turn over their belongings, according to police corporal Walter Camacho, who was at the head of the intervention after the robbery to the bus, that Was on the Guayaquil-Chone route.


“We were on the patrol and we realized what happened. When they saw us, the robbers fled through the traffic exchanger to the sewers (rainwater networks), “said the uniformed in the judicial unit of Albán Borja. There they have the evidences that collected of the robbery, like a pistol, five cellphones and several suitcases of the travelers.

In the operation, two women, aged 20 and 30, were arrested while attempting to escape through rainwater sewers/pipelines. A weapon was found near them. The three male thugs managed to escape.

The assault was recorded in the cameras of the bus, which will be used for investigations. There were no injuries and the detainees waited yesterday for the hearing.

The passengers gave their testimony and the vehicle, which supposedly was occupied with half of its capacity (between 15 and 20 users), resumed its scheduled route hours later.

In this sector the assaults are constant. “They steal quite a lot here on foot or on a motorcycle. I was tried to steal yesterday (Friday), but I did not let myself; Others have stolen it. My son took his cell phone a week ago, “said Rocío Valero, a resident of Brisas del Norte. This, despite police patrols, said. Read Article

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