Prostitutes stole items from Honduras embassy in Colombia for failure of payment

Posted on January 5, 2013 • Filed under: Colombia, Crime, Honduras reported that El Heraldo’s online edtion revealed that prostitutes stole numerous items from the Honduras embassy in Bogota Colombia. The event happened on December 20, 2012, when an employee of the Ambassador to Colombia from Honduras, organized a party with alcohol and sex at the facility. The information was obtained from El Heraldo’s online edition. The report indicated the party was organized by Jorge Mendoza who has been identified as the chauffer for the ambassador, Carlos Humberto Rodriguez.

Among those attending the party were prostitutes. Phones, computers were stolen along with national security documents were at risk. El Heraldo reported that individuals participated in orgies at the embassy and defecated on the ambassador’s office. It was reported that the prostitutes stole items because they were not paid for their services.


The report indicated among items stolen was a computer belonging to Stephanie Canahuati an advisor for economic matters along with numerous missing cell phones. Authorities also revealed that much of the embassy was unsecured. One of the party goers was found drunk in the basement and the chauffer Jorge Mendoza was found asleep in the laundry area. The party took place between 11 pm on December 21, 2012 and 5 am on December 22, 2012. Read Article

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