Stolen Cellphones in Colombia being sold in Ecuador

Posted on December 28, 2016 • Filed under: Colombia, Crime, Ecuador reported capture ofalleged band members of cell phone thieves selling the devices in Colombia and Ecuador

Richard Johan Burbano, Gustavo Adolfo Cagua and John Jairo Cardozo were sent with an assurance measure to the prison of Rivera (Huila) as alleged members of a criminal organization dedicated to commercializing stolen cell phones.

The three people, who are believed to be part of the organization Los Communeros, were captured. The devices were marketed in Ecuador. During the judicial operation seized 16 cellphones, two processing towers, among other equipment.

According to the investigation, at the main entrance of a well-known shopping center in the capital of Huila, members of the delinquency organization buy cell phones stolen for later, in premises maintenance façades and service of technological devices, initiate the alteration of the IMEI code International mobile terminal equipment) through software and computers, IMEI release or release boxes.

The mobile equipment remarked with another IMEI were sold in the market formala very low cost without any documentation that evidenced the legal provenance of the phone because this was marketed at a lower cost.

It was also established that Smartphones that could not be released for operation in Colombia, were sold in Ecuador and put back into operation taking into account that the platform of this country does not register them as stolen. Read Article

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