Honduras: increase in numbers of deaths due to manufacturing of fireworks, explosives

Posted on November 25, 2012 • Filed under: Explosives / Bombs, Honduras

Colonel Manuel Zelaya of Tegucigalpa Fire Department said this morning, “We regret what is happening, and we quantified a number of 16 people affected by the powder, we had even people who have died in San Lorenzo and La Paz, are people adults and children who work in centers where they make rockets. ”

The lifeguard expressed his displeasure over the “irresponsibility of allowing minors from working in these centers and the transfer of powder that’s in the municipalities where the powder is not prohibited to municipalities that there is already a ban as the Central District nunicipio” .

The Fire Department works closely with the Mayor’s Office to try to locate the clandestine sale of gunpowder, because “even in the grocery stores are selling and being used for sporting, political and public demonstrations.”

“Us we have no coercive power to make seizures or to punish people who use and sell gunpowder, and we are against that in the two capital cities of gunpowder in the grocery stores sell to minors,” lamented the commander of Law. Read Article

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