Owning or Possessing a Gun in Ecuador

Posted on April 18, 2017 • Filed under: Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency

Gun control

defensa.gob.ec/(Machine Translated) The Ministry of National Defense, through the Arms Control Directorate of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces, monitors Import, export, marketing, storage, domestic trade and manufacture of firearms, ammunition, fireworks, gunpowder or all kinds of explosives, as well as raw materials for their manufacture. In addition, it controls the means of ignition as: guides for mines fulminantes and detonators; Products and elements of use in chemical wars or adaptable to them.

According to the Regulations to the Law on Manufacture, Import, Export, Marketing and Holding of Weapons, Ammunition, Explosives and Accessories there are two types of authorizations: the possession permit and the permit to carry arms.

The Authorization of Tenure of Arms is the document that determines the most relevant characteristics of the weapons owned by private security companies, banks, shooting clubs, hunting and fishing clubs, collectors, sportsmen and legal entities authorized by law And registered in the Logistics Department of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces. This authorization is renewed every five years.

The permit of possession of weapons is the administrative act by which the Arms Control Centers and Subcenters grant the relevant document to the natural and juridical persons to have the authorized weapons in a certain place (private or domiciled address).

The permit to carry weapons is the administrative act by which the Arms Control Centers and Subcenters grant the pertinent authorization to the natural and juridical persons to take with them or have at their disposal registered weapons. Civil firearms may be carried by citizens according to the function, activity, place and justification for which they were authorized.

Natural persons may obtain permits to carry a weapon for their personal defense and another for sporting purposes or hunting.

Natural persons who have obtained the respective permit for personal defense may carry, with the authorized weapon, up to the number of cartridges corresponding to the maximum capacity of a feeder.

Any person, without exception and even members of the Public Force in active service; Have the obligation to register the weapons of their property and obtain the permits to carry them.


Individual permits to carry weapons for natural and juridical persons will have 2 years of validity, and for their renewal, they must comply with the requirements indicated in the Agreement issued by the Minister of National Defense

The permission to carry weapons is personal, non-transferable and valid throughout the national territory however, it does not empower to carry them in demonstrations, meetings, assemblies, meetings and more public acts of any order. Read Full Article

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