Guayaquil Ecuador: 400 military troops put in service to patrol streets in effort to curb crime

Posted on June 30, 2017 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergencyíctor Serrano
reported (machine translated) The Marine Corps, Operational Group 2.4 Guayaquil prepared yesterday to leave to the control operations that began in the Guasmo. Víctor Serrano

Marines began patrolling within a new strategy to curb crime.
The Armada of Ecuador was the first branch of the Armed Forces. In jumping to the streets of Guayaquil to carry out joint operations with the National Police and the Municipal Transit Authority (ATM) to combat crime.

Yesterday afternoon, elements of these three entities made checks in the south, center, several cooperatives of the northwest of the city, in areas considered critical by the Police. In addition to Guayas, the operations will be concentrated in Manabí and Los Ríos.

The uniformed personnel will not be able to enter private spaces or to carry out persecutions, according to the Manual of Right of Military Operations to which they are governed


About 250 military personnel from the Guayaquil 2.4 Marine Corps were ready to patrol the streets of Guayaquil, within a new strategy to curb crime and in which the three branches of the Armed Forces will participate.

The patrols are coordinated by the Police and they join other entities, such as the Municipal Transit Authority (ATM). The strategy was announced at the Sectoral Security Council, which was headed by Defense Minister Miguel Carvajal on Monday.

The Infantry, which has its local headquarters in the San Eduardo sector, had ready another 150 uniformed men. In total there were 400 and the slogan, they said, is to support the citizens and improve the perception of security in the city.

Abel Bajaña lives in the citadel La Floresta (south) and said that three businesses have been recently assaulted. For him it was good news that the Armed Forces joined in the anti-criminal checks, because he said that it is common in his sector to see suspicious subjects hovering on motorcycles.

Sectors under control

The operations began at 16:00 at Guasmo sur, Quito and Colón Avenue (Guayaquil center), El Pedregal (Raúl Clemente Huerta) and Coop. Santiaguito Roldós. The National Police performed normal control, while the ATM reviewed documents. The military intervened in the possession of arms.


In a statement, the Marine Corps defined that the competence of the Operational Group 2.4 Guayaquil is only “the control of weapons in the terrestrial and fluvial field of the following areas: Guayaquil canton, Salado estuary, Guayas river and Puná island”.

In the city, the control by the Navy arrives at the Juan Tanca Marengo Avenue, further north the Army intervenes.

The uniformed personnel will not be able to enter private areas or carry out persecutions, according to the manual of Law of the military operations.

400 members of Operational Group 2.4 Guayaquil will patrol Read Article

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