Guayaquil, Ecuador: Band of Thieves Posing as Contractors, Municipal Workers

Posted on June 10, 2017 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency (MACHINE TRANSLATED)
Periodically municipal workers give maintenance to the luminaries that are the competence of the Cabildo, above all, in the regenerated zones. Archive

They come to different sectors of the city with the argument that they will remove public luminaires in good condition for better quality ones. They wear uniforms and are transported in a car with a supposed municipal identification, according to the Cabildo.

They are passed as contractors of the Municipality and therefore act without raising suspicion among the people.

However, the Cabildo reported that it is an apparent band of antisocial, which is devoted to systematic theft of the components of the public lighting system.


Last May, in connection with the theft of electrical installations at Centenario Park, in the center of the city of Buenos Aires, Mayor Jaime Nebot announced measures against recyclers who buy stolen materials.

On this occasion, the Directorate of Public Works, led by Jorge Berrezueta, urges citizens to apply for the respective credentials to personnel who come to their sectors to perform maintenance or repairs of luminaires.

Also ask the name of the contractor and take a photograph to the license plate of the vehicle in which the staff is moved, so that if they are antisocial assumptions can be denounced and recognized.

The official warns that the antisocial suspects have knowledge of electricity and surprise the residents by announcing that they will perform the change of lights, something that is never met.

The telephone number 259-4800, extensions 2418 and 2444, is available to the public, where the complaints can be communicated to the Municipal Electric Works Unit.

In sectors of southern Guayaquil, such as Trinitaria Island, the theft of public luminaries, as well as other components of the electrical system, has also been reported. The same has happened in the suburb, say residents.

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