Ecuador Police Corruption Case: Allegedly police paying bribes for preferred assignments

Posted on July 7, 2015 • Filed under: Corruption, Ecuador, Police/Military Activity

POLICE PAYING AS MUCH AS 5,000 USD FOR DESIRED ASSIGNMENTS reported Police in few data have transpired since Friday announced two facts: a possible case of corruption in the countries of the gendarmes and the voluntary resignation of the commander Fausto Tamayo. Yesterday, this newspaper spoke with a senior official and confirmed that the case is in the Interior Ministry. The alarms went off after he mentioned that for every pass was collected between USD 1500 and 5000. These values ​​governed for officers and enlisted personnel who wanted to move to the provinces that they chose. For now, the Min. Of the Interior analyzes if no delivery or the information in this case to the Prosecutor and research data are collected. These events occurred while the new pass system that began in 2010, after 30-S insubordination consolidates. The idea was to regulate transfers of staff in accordance with the “operational, humanitarian and security needs.” It also sought to place the changes may not run for punishment. For it is coordinated with the Office of Personnel to consider the change of place run by geographic regions close to the home agent. In fact, when a perception survey rose in police stations was known that 41% of the staff was not happy with the place I worked at that time. Currently, to execute transfers of agents, the Commission analyzes Pass the cops meet three requirements. First, that department presented a report in which dependence is if you want to go to a uniformed staff needs or not. Second time studying the uniformed service. Third, the results of evaluations and performance of agents in the area where they worked (number of detainees, disjointed bands, etc.) is verified. Article 96 of the current Law on Personal uniformed entity notes that “passes to other units, distributions or units shall be conducted in accordance with their training and specialization in accordance with the existing regulation.” The new commander General Patricio Pazmiño temporarily holds the position of police commander after the voluntary resignation submitted Fausto Tamayo. Yesterday, July 6, 2015, the new police chief went to the premises where the Riot (UMO) Unit works to recognize the work done by this organization.


He was accompanied by Minister José Serrano and other senior officials. At the ceremony, he said the UMO Pazmiño has the legal and institutional support to act. He also stressed “the professionalism in the interest of safety.” Precisely this group appeared last week in protests in the historic center of Quito. While Pazmiño occupies Command, the Interior Ministry sent to the Presidency of the Republic a list of three generals. This will definitely replace the official Tamayo. According to the hierarchy, the general Patricio Pazmiño, chief of staff, Juan Barragan, director of Internal Affairs, and Diego Mejia, secretary of police, are the senior officers at this time. Article 17 of the Law on Police states that “the general commander will be appointed by the President of the Republic, at the request of Min. Of the Interior, among the three former generals in active service. In case of absence or temporary impediment, he shall be replaced Chief of Staff “. Pazmiño those officers accompanied at the ceremony held yesterday at the headquarters of the UMO. They sat in the front row next to the temporary commander and heard what he said. Once you choose the new commander, the officer will spend two years in office. Read Article

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