Ecuador: Critics or oponents of the government are apostles of the past (Opinion,Analysis)

Posted on May 1, 2015 • Filed under: Ecuador, Politics

José Hernández / reported… Who will put more people in the street on May 1? This is Rafael Correa’s latest challenge to his critics and opponents, but by no means the first of its kind. During his eight-year Presidential term, Correa has turned the public domain into an arena, where he aims to show that he and his supporters (to coin his Government’s most popular slogan) “are more, many more.”

Any minority, social or political group that protests in the streets or via social networks is faced with countermeasures. Government supporters and officials, obliged to participate, stage replica demonstrations and the media runs propaganda campaigns. They are so prolific that it is virtually impossible to counter them.

The Government has generally avoided confrontations between supporters and opponents in the streets. Its actions have been mainly ideological and political. Rafael Correa is trying to prove that his Government has closed a historical cycle that will not be reopened. In its discourse, his Government represents the most genuine and heartfelt expectations of the population. In this context, any protest can only be an attempt by illegitimate interests to impose what Correa calls a “conservative restoration”. Read Article

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