Ecuador: 400 Police Officers detained and investigated, suspected of criminal activity in 2013

Posted on November 5, 2013 • Filed under: Corruption, Ecuador, Police/Military Activity reported that More than 400 Ecuadorean police officers have been detained and investigated for suspected criminal activity IN 2013, as the government attempts to reform chronically corrupt law enforcement.


The treatment process within the Police PTO. Following the announcement that the agents will undergo drug testing (drug use), polygraph, psychological and financial, the Interior Ministry reported that so far this year, more than 400 soldiers have been arrested for crimes and are investigated. This was confirmed by the head of the Secretariat of State, José Serrano, in an interview with the program The Power of the Word of Ecuador Immediate website. “This did not happen before because in that so-called esprit de corps, was intended to cover and hide the irregularities”, the official said that medium. The agents have until December this year to present papers on their heritage. This is one of the tests to determine possible corruption. Currently, there are between 5000 and 7000 soldiers who have given their sworn statements of assets. From this process, the Interior Ministry plans to make a third phase of debugging within the institution. Ricardo Camacho, an expert in security and police reform, emphasizes the initiative, but believes it is necessary that the draft Code of Institutions of Public Safety, which rests in the National Assembly, including these measures of confidence. This is because, according to the expert, in Book I of the bill is “very broadly addresses” vetting. In Article 78 of that regulation states that agents should “be tested and trusted security techniques as toxicological tests (alcohol and drugs) among others, performance evaluation, educational and psychological during his professional life.” According to Camacho, the Assembly should review and strengthen confidence-building measures and not just “stay” with Article 78. But this is not the only time that policemen undergo polygraph testing (lie detector). Since May 2011 these tests were implemented between the soldiers. On these processes were no results. The report of the U.S. State Department, published in March, said that in 2012 underwent a polygraph test about 1100 police officers in Ecuador. Of that group, “there was a pass rate of about 50%,” says the document. The last case of alleged corruption within the police ranks are met two weeks ago. Intelligence agents deployed a major operation in Guayaquil where they said they had dismantled “the worst band of organized crime in the last 20 years.” According to the Ministry of Interior, within that was criminal network involving a police captain. Research found that the officer allegedly illegal activities coordinated with the heads of disjointed bands, including Los Choneros. It was also discovered that provided them safety. A sergeant on active duty was also arrested in this case. Toxicological evaluations, polygraph, psychological and financial to be submitted to the military are part of a new police clearance process. Last June already made the first process of this kind. There are 208 officers reinstated after being protective shelters were removed for being allegedly involved in possible cases of extortion, theft, truancy, drunkenness on duty, among other crimes. Ministerial Agreement On October 24, the Ministries of Interior and Public Health signed an interagency agreement. They agreed to coordinate actions to follow up on cases of possible drug use detected in the military. Of the 208 officers discharged last June, during the first treatment process in this institution are at least nine officers and the rest belongs to enlisted personnel. Of the latter group, 60 have range officers and 93 are capes. Read Article

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