Cuenca Ecuador: Expat, Victim of Daytime Burglary

Posted on November 12, 2014 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador reported…When I got home, Gracie (my dog..but you should know that by now) ran out to greet me with her ‘squeaker’ toy. I thought…odd….she’s not allowed to have her toys outside. Then I spotted Chip (my cat…again you should know my kids names by now) saundering outside. What? He’s not supposed to be outside, how did he get out? I noticed the back door open. Did I leave the back door open? Noooo….I’m sure I didn’t. I got out of the car to open the steel gate to the driveway and noticed, to my horror, the ‘person gate’ (a steel walk-thru gate embedded within the larger vehicle gate) was open. I NEVER use it. It had been ram-rodded with some heavy device that forced the deadbolt to push out the steel casing it was engaged in. I went inside the house and looked to see if anyone was still there. My whole house had been ransacked. All the cupboards, drawers, closets, everything was open and stuff was yanked out and strewn about. The first thing I noticed was the gaping space where my 40″ flat screen TV used to sit. And, the new wireless headset I had just purchased. And my Zune (I was the only person who bought a Microsoft Zune…the ‘equivilant’ of an I-pod). But, not the DVD player. Odd.

All this was done IN BROAD DAYLILGHT!!! I was only gone from 10:30am to 2pm. My neighbors and I believe it was done by one/some of the construction workers building the new houses up the road. They walk by my house every day. They’ve figured out I live alone. They determined if my car is gone, so am I. But, what about my next door neighbor in the big all-glass house…wouldn’t she see the vehicle stopped in the middle of the road (there’s no other parking) and people running in and out of my house with a big -ass TV and a bunch of clothes? Well, they must know her routine as well, because when her car is gone, so is she. Her car wasn’t there that morning.
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