Cuenca Ecuador: Some reporting increase in home burglaries

Posted on January 20, 2017 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency

Cuenca Ecuador – INCREASE OF HOME BURGLARIES REPORTED – SOME BLAME LACK OF EMPLOYMENT (MACHINE TRANSLATED) reported that some citizens are afraid to leave their home alone, because unpleasant people can enter the building to perform their misdeeds.

There are several houses that do not have enough security, and that is when theft happens at home, as is the case of Mauricio Pintado, who just a few days ago had to go through this.

“I had to leave urgently from my house and I came back very late, when I was immediately told that some people have arrived and one has opened the door of my house, neighbors have thought that I was inside, but then when they have already Been leaving with my clothes and merchandise I had noticed.”


In addition, Pintado mentions that there are always people that go around the neighborhood where he lives (Los Pinos), either by drinking alcohol or just to walk. “Before it was a quiet neighborhood, now it has been damaged with so many people coming from other sides but with bad intentions. There is no way to leave the house alone, that’s a problem because later you do not know what you can find. ”

Likewise, Sandra Vintimilla, resident of the neighborhood Carlos Crespi, indicates that for the city to be safe, it is a long way off. “Now we have to be suspicious of everyone, because we do not know what can happen and we are tired, no more days ago and there were three steals in a row, there is no way to be out at night because they already want to do evil.”

He also commented that in his opinion crime has been increasing, “as people do not have work now they are engaged in doing bad things, young people mostly walk in groups and steal into homes, we must all protect ourselves and always Make sure you close doors and have someone else. Read Article

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