Guayaquil Ecuador: Woman lives in fear since robbery by thieves posing as police

Posted on January 21, 2017 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency, Police/Military Activity

Drama of a young woman to whom false police came into her house to steal (machine translated)reported while telling her experience, Michelle moves her hands with some anxiety.

“After the robbery, I was not able to sleep well,” says the 22-year-old woman, who was caught by four men posing as police officers of the Anti-Narcotics Unit who were allegedly carrying out an operation at their home in Sauces 9 , In the north of Guayaquil.


It was 2:00 pm last Thursday and Michelle was coming home after lunch.

“There was a car at the foot of my house and that made me weird, I thought I was waiting for someone. From there I saw that the door of my house was open, so I was scared, “he said.

The young woman, who recently graduated from the Foreign Trade career and lives alone with her mother, said that at that moment the guy who drove the car – which was parked next to his house – indicated that a woman with two children had Entered the property.

“Then another guy came out and told me he was from the Judicial Police. They were raiding the house because they had found drugs, “he said.

Michelle said she was stunned because she did not know what to answer and that she was forced to enter the house to be present in the operating assumption.

Already inside the house, one of the three individuals who were in the building took her to a room where she kept her “entertained” for several minutes.

“He kept telling me that he was a member of the Judicial Police, although they did not use police badges and did the amague with the phone, as if he were talking on the cell phone,” he said.

During this distraction, the other two subjects checked the house. In a few minutes, the antisocials removed a 49-inch plasma, took a mini-laptop, a cell phone and a backpack with personal documents. Objects valued at about 2 thousand dollars.

For this and other facts in the sector, residents demand police patrols and improvements in public lighting.

Prosecutor Víctor González, from the Flagrant Crimes Unit, said that as part of the investigation, it has been verified with the police that in the day and sector of the assault “there was no operational service order.”

Gonzalez explained that when an operation is carried out, the agents have vests with badges of the police units that execute it, which must be accompanied by a prosecutor. He explained that in the raids, except in cases of flagrancy, the uniformed ones must present a physical order signed by a judge. Read Article

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