Colombia: investigation indicates Ecuadorian opponent of Correa victim of kidnap attempts, ultimately deported to Ecuador

Posted on January 28, 2013 • Filed under: Colombia, Economy, Intelligence, Police/Military Activity, Politics

Investigation reports by of Colombia….. ECUADOR INTELLIGENCE OFFICERS OPERATING IN COLOMBIA ILLEGALLY reported …… an account of a plot involving intelligence agents from Ecuador in making attempts to kidnap Fernando Balda Flores, a citizen from Ecuador and known opponent of Rafael Correa. Mr Fernando Balda Flores is a politician worked in the political party of President Rafael Correa. He subsequently joined Lucio Gutierrez and opponent of the President. Mr. Balda

Flores exiled himself and his family to Colombia. He was a vocal opponent of Ecuador’s government for the last three years and had a close relationship with former Colombian President, Uribe’s inner cirlce. further indicated that this event may have serious implications for Colombian and Ecuadorian relations. The report indicated that Mr. Balda Flores was taken into custody last October and deported to Ecuador. He was sentenced last week in Ecuador for threatening state security. Read Article

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