Manta Ecuador: Citizen alerts to alleged fraudulent votes by dead people (Video)

Posted on February 24, 2017 • Filed under: Corruption, Ecuador, Politics

The Following information is stated in Spanish and machine translation to English. This information is being provided for informational purposes only and has not been verified as to its veracity. From LACE: This election gets stranger all the time. Apparently in the video a man finds what he says are hundreds of cedulas of dead people thrown across the road in Manta. However, he states in his post that it is thousands. I am curious how he knows if these cedulas are of dead people and how specifically they were used fraudulently? Nevertheless, it is serious business and probably against the law to dispose of cedulas in this manner.(LACE)


Citizen porclaims that thousands of cedulas (Identification Cards) were found thrown on the ground near the El Telegrafo’s office in Manta, Ecuador.

FACEBOOK: Fernando Balda EC

URGENTE !!! Aquí la respuesta de cómo pasaron los delincuentes de Lenin Moreno y Jorge Glas a segunda vuelta. Con miles de votos fraudulentos efectuados con cédulas de gente fallecida en todo el país. Un secreto a voces que hoy se revela con pruebas. Este vídeo es de Manabí !!! Allí está !!! Aquí se explica !!! Hicieron creer que el pueblo mañanita aprueba la corrupción y la debacle del correísmo. Pero fue Fraude !!! Perdieron en Manabí pero hicieron en esa provincia el mayor fraude de todos los tiempos !!!

Urgent!!! Here the answer of how did the criminals of Lenin Moreno and Jorge Glas to second round. With Thousands of fraudulent votes made with ballot papers of deceased people throughout the country. An open secret that today is revealed with proof. This video is of manabi!!! There it is!!! This is explained here!!! They believe that the people mañanita approves corruption and correísmo debacle. But it was fraud!!! Lost in manabi but did in that province, the biggest fraud of all time!!! FACEBOOK PAGE SOURCE


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