Ecuador: President’s brother states “Corruption Rampant Throughout the Country”

Posted on September 2, 2016 • Filed under: Corruption, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency, Human Rights Latin America, Politics Translated) REPORTED Fabricio Correa, a businessman and political activist, said last night during the Vote 2017 program, broadcast by Manavision, still thinks which organization is best suited to participate in the upcoming elections of 2017. He said that if would accept to run for president because, he said, is well positioned in the polls.
Said that even the foundations of the PAIS Movement, who worked with him in 2006, they are looking for, “because they know that is the best scenario and I will enforce the original guidelines,” he said. He mentioned that were not the leaders of that group with whom he spoke.
According to the president’s brother, also they contacted the Social Christian Party. So far it is known that who represents the party is Cynthia Viteri, but according to Correa, “the bases are not with her.”


He also said he spoke with the Democratic Left. The interviewer Jaime Ugalde said that after consulting with sources of political organizations mentioned, had told him that that was not true, what Fabricio Correa said: “And do you think they’re going to say.”

Corruption. For Fabricio Correa, the government of his brother “is corrupt.” “Rafael is not it rich, but have abused their fanaticism who make up the environment,” he said.
“Here corruption not only has he tolerated during these years but also abounds in the country,” he said.
The elder brother of the president also said the government “does not respect human rights, neither the Constitution nor freedoms”.
He confirmed that he believes his brother will end by this prisoner when it is no longer in power.
Solution. It should generate employment from agriculture, construction and services, emphasized by presenting an alternative to address this situation.
“In agriculture it is already the law replacing fuels for biofuels and there is much that we can use. We already have irrigation systems and infrastructure for flood control and no land to put into production, “he said. With the preorder oil to China he said that there should be a renegotiation of contracts and other debts that country. He said he was in favor of trade agreements, but sees that the European Union will be difficult to approve in late November.
He defended his business for 32 years, said no wrongdoing, not have direct contracts with the state and when asked about the values ​​you pay tax, he said that was in order. During the program also he said not to be homophobic. Read Article

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