Argentina: Designer Psychedelic Drug being trafficked called “Pandora”

Posted on September 9, 2014 • Filed under: Argentina, Crime, Drug Activity reported chemical variation is one of the strategies that turn the narcos who sold designer drugs to achieve new products that are not even contemplated by the act as a prohibited substance for its novelty.

Such is the case of the 25I-NBOMe, known as “Pandora” or “Bomb”, which was not registered still as prohibited in the Argentine anti-drug law. Its effects are similar to lysergic acid (LSD) and sold in small pieces of paper coated with the substance to be consumed sublingual form.

Pandora causes alteration and increase in Visual perception, euphoria, empathy, paranoia, anxiety, fear, tachycardia, among others. According to some international analyses, it is ten times more potent than LSD.

Some 25,000 doses of the narcotic were abducted in the raids carried out in the country to thwart the band called “the narcouniversitarios” in June. Read Article

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