Venezuela, anaylsis, opinion piece about millitary

Posted on August 25, 2011 • Filed under: Police/Military Activity, Venezuela

What Shell is This? Opinion/Analysis piece from Venezuelan press
With this “vernacular” expression of alarm and rejection, full cover and the “mere male” a few years ago a popular evening newspaper of national circulation expressed overly upset by their proprietor and editor at the announcement of a raise of military, making negative news the fact that a legitimate claim to a poor and late guild gagged and helpless to media attacks.

This abuse of freedom of expression by small groups who believe only owners of this right, it is not now, nor can be considered isolated because it is part of permanent and continuous actions and statements news is common behavior of a certain sector Venezuelan society, with a sickly feeling to contradictory and anti military. It’s so absurd condition, which leads to the end of the terms used synonymously militarism and authoritarianism, discarding countless scientific studies that categorized the latter as a deviation own exercise of authority in any field and level of human relations and not accept that there are many historical examples of non-military character profession, global and local symbols of authoritarianism and despotism. I can say without doubt that there is more authoritarian in many other citizens, and especially in these characters, in true military professionals, of course not escape the temptations that lead to this syndrome. Read Article

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