Venezuela: 51 percent of operating rooms in public hospitals not operational

Posted on March 17, 2017 • Filed under: Latin America Health, Venezuela José Manuel Olivares , president of the Health Subcommittee of the Venezuelan National Assembly, presented the results of the ‘ 2017 National Hospitals Survey’ , which indicates that 51 percent of operating theaters in public hospitals in that country are not Are operational and 78 percent of these centers suffer from a shortage of medicines.

As indicated, ” 23 state hospitals , all university hospitals, 371 public and private registries, 92 type II, type III, type IV hospitals (large hospitals)” were included, including centers directly controlled by the Ministry of Health, Social Security, Institute of Prevision and Social Assistance of Personnel of the Ministry of Education (Ipasme), military health and governorates.


“The national survey was prepared by the National Assembly of Venezuela and the group ‘Doctors for Health’. They took into account hospitals across the country and had the purpose of publicizing the figures that the government hides, “said the deputy.

Other results

Olivares has also announced that 97 percent of public health laboratories have “flaws” and a shortage of reagents to produce medical tests.

He also indicated that in the medical supplies “there was a certain improvement”, that is, it went from 81 percent in 2016 to 75 percent in 2017. However, this reflects that “there are still Venezuelans who have to pay and buy “Out some of these materials .

On the other hand, the ‘2017 National Hospitals Survey’ has also revealed that 64 percent of public hospitals have a shortage of milk formulas and their kitchens ‘are not operational due to lack of food’.

It has also found that: 89 percent of public sector X-ray equipment “is not operational or is in intermittent failure”; 71 percent of hospitals do not have operating ultrasound equipment ; And 94 percent of CT scans do not work.

Private sector

Olivares commented that in the private sector is “the opposite”, 100 percent of beds and operating theaters are operational. ” If it were not for the private sector, 55 percent of Venezuelans had nowhere to go, ” he said. Read Article

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