Santiago Chile: Two Tourists Ripped off by Taxi Driver, Driver runs over man trying to help

Posted on June 2, 2017 • Filed under: Chile, Crime

Two Argentine tourists were the protagonists of a sequence that could end in tragedy in Santiago, Chile : a taxi driver stole their bags and a Colombian who came to assist them ended up hit.

It happened on Saturday afternoon when two Argentine women stopped a taxi in the town of Providencia, loaded their bags but they could not get up. The driver started at full speed, according to BioBioChile.

The victims followed the thief and managed to reach him at the height of the famous shopping mall Costanera Center, in Providence. There, with the help of Daniel Márquez (18) , the Colombian who was later run over, they rebuked him.

Far from surrendering himself, however, the delinquent pressed the throttle, struck Marquez violently, and fled.

“I hit the glass on the front of the car to stop. The Argentines were still complaining. And he started the car. My girlfriend who was on my left, got to move. I did not get to leave because I was in the middle, “said the Colombian to BioBio.

“The car went straight to me and I jumped on the hood, otherwise I would have passed over. It was all very quick and saved me the instinct for survival, “said the brave young man, who was taken to the hospital where he was assisted by minor injuries.

For its part, Carabineros managed to catch the taxi driver and the Argentines recovered all their belongings.

“I do not regret. I live three years in Chile and I have never had a problem, except for helping. The important thing is that they recovered their bags and stopped the taxi driver, “said Daniel Marquez , who at the age of 18 risked his life to help strangers.

The taxi driver was arrested on charges of trespassing, theft and failure to provide assistance to the victim, although he was later released. Read Article

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