Chile: Two Bomb Attacks Near Police Stations in Santiago

Posted on August 12, 2014 • Filed under: Chile, Crime, Explosives / Bombs, Police/Military Activity reported Chilean police are investigating two new attacks with bombs in various locations in Santiago last night, without causing victims, official sources reported today.

Both explosions near the 1st and 39th police stations of police, one in the Centre of the Chilean capital, the other in the municipality of El Bosque, in the southern area of the city.

In the first case, occurred after 23:30 hours, at a tailgate for vehicles located at the corner of Mac Iver and nuns, and caused minor damage, the police deployed in the sector a vast operation, which included the use of helicopters.

“We thought it was an ATM (), because there are banks here, we believe that. “But later said that it was next to the police station, I am struck that there is no part or wounded people, broken glass nothing”, told radio cooperative one of the witnesses. Read Article

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