Quito Ecuador: Major drug trafficking organizations controlling micro sales via novel method

Posted on April 17, 2013 • Filed under: Crime, Drug Activity, Ecuador, Organized Crime

Major drug trafficking organizations controlling retail sales of small quantities of drug sales in Quito Ecuador. Drugs are being distributed door to door via motorcycles with empanada boxes to disguise drugs.

Elcomercio.com reported that the empanadas were divided into houses, but deliveries were ‘normal’. Behind these operations was one international network microtráfico hide wearing buns small quantities of drugs that were sold at home. Ecuadorian police found the illegal mechanism in Quito after seven months follow Oscar A., a foreigner wanted by Interpol in Colombia and also handled entire neighborhoods to expend retail alkaloids. In fact, official figures show that since 2010 international networks have penetrated Ecuador for mounting structures to facilitate microtráfico in cities. With them also have introduced new ways of selling drugs, as the case of pies. Researchers say that this form of dispensing narcotics was adapted from the so-called Bronx street in downtown Bogota. Something similar happens in Argentina. Local Publications realize that sold in that country who are just middlemen and that large suppliers are on the outside. Read Article

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