President Correa To Send Reforms to Galapagos Law

Posted on June 16, 2011 • Filed under: Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, Latin America Travel, Politics, TRAVEL

According to President Rafael Correa of Ecuador will send a draft of amendments to the Law of Special Regiment for the Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Province of the Galapagos on the 15th of July to the National Assembly of Ecuador. Environmental Minister Marcela Aguinaga confirms this announcement. Aguinaga says that the law has five basic pillars: restructuring and strengthening the tourism model, reshaping the control and immigration policies for the islands, create a biosecurity agency that watches threats to the islands and the establishment of fines and penalties. These talks are important in establishing Governing Council, which will be responsible for making important administrative decisions for the island. All five pillars will be addressed in reforms. Before any draft are sent to the National Assembly, the residents of the Galapagos will be invited to meetings of information gathering in late June.Read Article

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