Some Common Questions about Visiting the Galapagos Islands Ecuador

Posted on February 18, 2017 • Filed under: Ecuador, Ecuador Travel, Galapagos Islands,Manuel Patino/Some of the common questions that we received from people around the globe when they want to come to Galapagos Islands.

We hope to help you answer the questions of your customers. Because there are many questions, we split them into three posts.

These are the first group of questions:

1. From where can I fly to Galapagos?

You can flight to Galapagos either from Quito and from Guayaquil. The incoming flight has early departure hours from 6:00 up to past midday. On the returning flight, the average is between 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. You can fly with Avianca, TAME or Latam.

2. Cruising or Land Tour? Which one is better?

It depends on traveler needs and interest. Cruising is better for those travelers wanting to optimized their time in Galapagos by visiting as much as they can, also willing to experience cruising along the archipelago, even though the navigation most of the time is at night. You can check our previous post about the 12 Facts of Cruising the Galapagos Islands. On the other hand, the Island Hopping option can fit the budget and schedule of travelers, as well as be 100% customized to their needs. Here are 7 facts about Galapagos Island Hopping.

3. Which type of vessel is better? Big or small yachts?

The vessels in Galapagos are from 8 passengers to 90. Each one has their pros and cons, yet I believe that the experience of cruising could be enhanced onboard small yachts. The highlight of this type of cruises is that the service is more personal, paying attention to detail. Here are 12 reasons to visit Galapagos in exclusive small yachts.

4. What local food should I try in Galapagos Island?

The Galapagos Island is famous for its lobster, and if you are traveling after mid-June you will be able to try it. The restriction of consumption, commercialization, and fishing of this crustacean is between January 16th to June 16th for this 2017. If you´re able, you can eat it grilled, or with special sauces like the coconut sauce called “Encocado”. Additional to lobster, you can try the local fish species called “Brujo” (Sorcerer), or a wide range of seafood and shellfish. Many of them are very fresh and prepared after your request, grilled, with garlic, spicy, or with coconut. If you want to know more about the culinary options in Galapagos, check out this post of the Best cuisine for foodies if you travel to Galapagos. Read More Information Questions Here


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