Police Seize $65,000 Counterfeit USD, Colombia

Posted on July 22, 2011 • Filed under: Colombia, Crime, Police/Military Activity

•In Manziales, Caldas, Colombian police seized $65,000 in counterfeit bills as well as two men who attempted to circulate it during the U-20 World cup.
•El Tiempo reports that the two men captured were part of a group that performed scams in other parts of Colombia.
•In the suitcase containing the bills, the authorities also found iodine which they used to blacken the bills to avoid suspicion which they would later undo with another chemical.
•Due to the way that the money was packaged, police are investigating if the two men were involved in any “paquete chileno*” (Chilean package) scams. Read Article
* a paquete chileno is a particular type of scam in which the scammer (paquetero) drops what appears to be a bundle of money, and when someone attempts to pick it up, the paquetero does the same and agrees to let the passerby have all the money in exchange for something of value.

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