Peru, Sendero Luminoso using new fronts and routes

Posted on February 8, 2011 • Filed under: Crime, Drug Activity, Shining Path

SL opens new fronts and routes of drug off-axis-Vizcatán VRAE
El Comercio, emerged as armed spectra from the extensive cultivation of sugar cane and Rondayacu Uchubamba, two forgotten villages in the jungle of Jauja.

One look was enough, the peasants had to think hard to conclude that those strange Andean leave armed with AKM rifles and rubber boots, came from the territories of the Mantaro River that marks the border between the jungle and the depths Satipo Tayacaja, in Huancavelica, which erodes the Vizcatán huantinos mountains and then joined with the flow of the mighty Apurimac. Read Article

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