Manabi Ecuador: Yellow Fever, Flu Vaccinations administered to residents in area where howler monkeys died

Posted on March 3, 2016 • Filed under: Ecuador, Latin America Health

Neptalí Palma, reported

Until Thursday, 29 howler monkeys dead have been found in the La Solita, the Montecristi, Manabi, so the Ministry of Health (MOH) began a vaccination campaign against yellow fever and influenza, addressed to the people of the area annexed to the Wildlife Refuge Pacoche Coastal Marina.

Edgar Peñafiel, zonal coordinator 4 Ministry of Environment, said that the work it channeled by the MSP, Agrocalidad, Magap and the National Institute of Public Research.

“I understand that the Ministry of Health has made vaccination brigades theme prevention inhabitants (of zones of influence where monkeys were found dead) understand that the fences have been generated properly according to protocols MSP, including us we willing to close the area, “said Peñafiel.


Carlos Mendoza, director of the 2nd district Health Manta, said in an interview with El Diario de Manabi an epidemiological surveillance team was sent and that some people were immunized against yellow fever and influenza in the La Solita and Pile in Montecristi in a move that will extend until next week to guarantee the health of people. “If an epidemiological alert is generated, we must be cautious,” said Mendoza.

Peñafiel said that the closure of Passage Trail Monkey, one of the areas visited by tourists just to watch the primates were available. He said that not rule out that other areas of influence of monkeys are closed to prevent new health visitors.

Thursday a dying primate was found. The first found by the Environment Ministry officials were in a state of decomposition. Some have been led to necropsy and results that give the laboratories of the Universidad San Francisco de Quito, where the analyzes of samples taken from the dead bodies of these animals are made ​​are expected. )

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