Latin America: transnationalization of organized crime

Posted on November 10, 2012 • Filed under: Crime, Drug Activity, Latin America News, Organized Crime

The end of the first decade of the century confirms safety trends evidenced since its inception. U.S. concentrates on their challenges and extra-Brazil-recognized as an emerging power-creates the South American Defense Council (CDS) and collecting an orientation to continental separation, not accepted by all.

Drug trafficking and transnational organized crime are the main challenges. In Mexico, despite the use of the Armed Forces, these cause over 30,000 deaths since 2006, also seriously affect Central America, Colombia and the FARC persist despite the successes of the Armed Forces The Andean region has seen the rebirth drug trafficking, Brazil also has used all his strength to fight in cities, and our country is no stranger to the internationalization of the drug. These bands drive and shelter less crime and, in cases, the lethality of their weapons is greater than the forces that divide them.

Another challenge is represented by the transnational spread of violent crime. In Paraguay, the Paraguayan People’s Army is a band subversive, trained by the FARC. Venezuela, with its intervention in the affairs of other States, the purchase of armaments millionaire, creating militias and extra-regional agreements, approaches the continent outside challenges. Read Article

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