Honduras, an urgent call

Posted on November 19, 2011 • Filed under: Honduras, Human Rights Latin America, Social Issues

After the return of Honduras to the Organization of American States (OAS), international areas and is no longer spoken in that country, under the assumption that it would be an ongoing standardization process, when in reality the situation of rape human rights is even worse than under the coup. However, no mechanism has been set-up.
Ecuador was the only country to oppose the return of Honduras to the regional organization, requiring prior compliance with the minimum requirements in both the report of the High Commission of the OAS itself as the Cartagena Agreement. For this reason was the country chosen for the visit of a mission of social organizations for Honduran Honduras put the issue back on the political agenda of the international community.
In this perspective, this initiative hopes diplomacy especially popular progressive governments that voted for the reinstatement of Honduras to the OAS assume their responsibility for what is happening in this country, because with that vote tacitly legitimized the “first strike XXI century state. Read Article

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